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Path Length Checker


Path Length Checker is a stand-alone app that allows you to specify a root directory, and it gives you back a list of all paths (i.e. files and directories) in that root directory and their lengths. It includes features such as pattern matching and min/max length constraints, ...

length-prefixed-stream - Streaming length prefixed buffers

  •    Javascript

Creates a new encoder transform stream.Creates a new decoder transform stream.

stream-to-blob - Convert a Readable Stream to a Blob

  •    Javascript

This package converts a Readable Stream into a Blob.This package is used by WebTorrent.

stream-to-blob-url - Convert a Readable Stream to a Blob URL

  •    Javascript

This package converts a Readable Stream into a Blob URL.This package is used by WebTorrent.

is-empty-iterable - Check if an Iterable is empty

  •    Javascript

More efficient than Array.from(iterable).length, as it only iterates the first item, which can make a big difference for dynamic iterators, like a Generator doing an expensive operation.Returns a boolean.

node-function-class - Easy `Function` subclasses

  •    Javascript

Creates a function instance with specified name and length and prototype. Essentially, it's everything that you need to subclass the ECMAscript Function built-in type.You use the function-class/invoke Symbol to define the logic that will be executed when the created function instance is invoked.

stringz - :100: Zero dependency unicode-aware string tools for NodeJS

  •    Javascript

A really small, performant, zero-dependency, unicode-aware library for working with Strings in Node.js. Javascript has a serious problem with unicode. Even ES6 can’t solve the problem entirely since some characters like the new colored emojis are three bytes instead of two bytes. Sometimes even more! "👍🏽".length returns 4 which is totally wrong (hint: it should be 1!). ES6's Array.from tried to solve this, but that even fails: Array.from("👍🏽") returns ["👍", "🏽"] which is incorrect. This library tries to tackle all these problems with a mega RegExp. Read More Here.

digest-stream - Simple node

  •    Javascript

Provide a the digest algorithm, optional input encoding, digest encoding, and a listener function when you construct the stream. The listener will be called with the resultant digest and length of the stream just prior to end being emitted. Since this uses the node.js crypto package, refer to http://nodejs.org/api/crypto.html for the specific options available.

leaflet-measure - Coordinate, linear, and area measure control for Leaflet maps

  •    Javascript

Coordinate, linear, and area measure control for Leaflet maps. Extends L.Control. leaflet-measure adds L.Control.Measure. This control may be used with the standard Leaflet control workflows described in the Leaflet docs.

metrick - 📏 Babel-powered unit magick

  •    Javascript

Metrick is a library which allows you to convert units and avoid using magic numbers! In combination with a JavaScript syntax extension included with Babel, it allows for a new, clean and human-like syntax for doing so. The explicit syntax makes use of an in function to convert the original unit into another supplied unit. Passing a valid Unit object of the same type to in will return the result as a number.

arity - Set the length of a function in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Set a functions arity (the argument count) by proxying function calls. P.S. If you don't care about this and want to receive the exact arity of function arguments, use nary. It uses function invocation over .apply to proxy arguments.

longest - Get the length of the longest item in an array.

  •    Javascript

Get the longest item in an array. Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

segment-tree - Basic segment tree data structure

  •    Javascript

A minimal implementation of a segment tree for storing run-length encoded arrays with updates. The segment tree object has the same properties as the arguments.

voxel-crunch - Generic run length encoding library

  •    Javascript

This library applies run length encoding to an array of octets, and returns the result. It can be used to compress individual chunks in voxel.js, or more generally any array of ints. Though this is designed to work with voxel.js, the code in this library is sufficiently generic that it can run length encode any int-like array.

convert-css-length - Convert between css lengths e.g. em->px or px->rem

  •    CoffeeScript

Conversions between em, ex, rem, px are supported. PRs welcome if you need support for more esoteric length units.

chunk-text - 🔪 chunk/split a string by length without cutting/truncating words.

  •    Javascript

chunk/split a string by length without cutting/truncating words. Chunks the text string into an array of strings that each have a maximum length of chunkSize.

convert-length - Converts a distance unit (e.g. m) to another (e.g. cm)

  •    Javascript

Pixels are computed based on the specified pixelsPerInch setting (default 96), as per the CSS spec. Use npm to install and use this. Should work with browserify, Webpack, etc.

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