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cljfmt - A tool for formatting Clojure code

  •    Clojure

cljfmt is a tool for formatting Clojure code. cljfmt has tested on Leiningen 2.5, but may not work on older versions, particularly versions prior to Leiningen 2.4.

lein-ring - Ring plugin for Leiningen

  •    Clojure

Lein-Ring is a Leiningen plugin that automates common Ring tasks. It provides commands to start a development web server, and to turn a Ring handler into a standard war file.

lein-test-refresh - Refreshes and reruns clojure.tests in your project.

  •    Clojure

This is a Leiningen plug-in that automatically refreshes and then runs your clojure.test tests when a file in your project changes. It also works with expectations clojure.test compatible syntax.

cljs-lambda - Utilities around deploying Clojurescript functions to AWS Lambda

  •    Clojure

AWS Lambda is a service which allows named functions to be directly invoked (via a client API), have their execution triggered by a variety of AWS events (S3 upload, DynamoDB activity, etc.) or to serve as HTTP endpoints (via API Gateway). This README serves to document a Leiningen plugin (lein-cljs-lambda), template (cljs-lambda) and small library (cljs-lambda) to facilitate the writing, deployment & invocation of Clojurescript Lambda functions.

vizdeps - Visualize Leiningen dependencies using Graphviz

  •    Clojure

An alternative to lein deps :tree that uses Graphviz to present a dependency diagram of all the artifacts (Maven-speak for "libraries") in your project.A single artifact may be a transitive dependency of multiple other artifacts. vizdeps can show this (lein deps :tree doesn't), and will highlight in red any dependencies with a version mismatch. This can make it much easier to identify version conflicts and provide the best exclusions and overrides.

lein-jlink - A lein plugin creates and manages custom java environment

  •    Clojure

A Leiningen plugin for custom Java environment. JDK 9 ships a new utility called jlink, which creates custom JRE based on modules you use. As of 1.9, Clojure has no special support for modular Java. However, we can still use customized JRE to run our Clojure application. If you care about the size of your application package(includes JRE), for example, is docker environment, this feature is a pretty good news for you: The minimal JRE is only 29MB. And it's enough to run a hello world Ring application, using jetty adapter. The overall size (app + dependency jars + custom JRE) is only 37MB, and 22MB in gzipped tarball.

lein-fore-prob - A leiningen plugin to make a local copy of a problem from 4clojure

  •    Clojure

A leiningen plugin which given a problem from 4clojure will populate the current project’s tests with the problem’s tests. This is based on lein-foreclojure-plugin code updated for Leiningen 2. You can use multiple problem ids at the same time. Use the open subcommand to open these problems in a browser instead of adding it to the current project.

lein-tools-deps - WIP: A leiningen plugin that lets you share tools

  •    Clojure

A leiningen plugin that lets you share tools.deps.alpha dependencies in your leiningen project. The keywords :system, :home and :project will be resolved by the plugin. You can also supply your own paths as strings, e.g.

lein-plantuml - A Leiningen plugin for generating UML diagrams using PlantUML

  •    Clojure

PlantUML is an open-source tool that uses simple textual descriptions to draw UML diagrams. Diagrams are defined using a simple and intuitive language. lein-plantuml is a Leiningen plugin for generating UML diagrams using PlantUML.

radian - 🍉 Dotfiles that marry elegance and practicality.

  •    Emacs

Radian: dotfiles that marry elegance and practicality. Setup is in three parts: installing the software, installing the configuration, and optionally installing local configuration.

doo-chrome-devprotocol - A runner for doo which runs tests in Chrome, using the Chrome Dev Protocol with no need for karma or npm

  •    Clojure

A runner for doo which runs tests in Chrome, using the Chrome Dev Protocol with no need for karma or npm. Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

lein-jupyter - A Leiningen plugin to integrate clojure with jupyter notebook

  •    Javascript

A Leiningen plugin to integrate with jupyter notebook and JupyterLab. You will need to have leiningen and jupyter notebook installed globally. The development has been done under ubuntu linux with jupyter 4.3.0.

less4clj - Clojure compiler for Less, for Lein and Boot, using Less4j

  •    Clojure

Clojure wrapper for Less4j Java implementation of Less compiler. This repository also contains Boot and Leiningen tasks. Semantic-UI needs theme.config file in your project. Add this file to your classpath under path META-INF/resources/webjars/semantic-ui/2.2.10/src/theme.config, e.g under resources/ folder.

sass4clj - Clojure compiler for SASS, for Lein and Boot, using Libsass Java wrapper

  •    Clojure

Clojure wrapper for jsass JNA wrapper for Libsass. This repository also contains Boot and Leiningen tasks. To disable this add a no operation logger to your project. As this is only required on build phase, you can use :scope "test" so that the dependency is not transitive and is not included in uberjar. Alternatively you can add this dependency to your Leiningen dev profile.

reagent-figwheel - Leiningen template for Reagent applications in Clojurescript with Figwheel

  •    Clojure

Leiningen template for reagent web apps. Through the use of profiles, this template lets the developer pick and choose what is included in their application.

lein-jmh - Leiningen plugin for jmh-clojure

  •    Clojure

Leiningen plugin for running jmh-clojure benchmarks. Please see lein help jmh for more information on the available options. Note that some formats (e.g., :table) exclude some result information due to space considerations. See the previously mentioned help for details.

lein-nrepl - A simple Leininingen plugin to start nREPL 0.4+

  •    Clojure

A Leiningen plugin to start an nREPL server. The problem is that lein repl is still not updated to work with nREPL 0.4+ (see https://github.com/technomancy/leiningen/pull/2444), which means that in the mean time it's hard for people who want to run the new nREPL to do so.

cljsee - Backporting cljc

  •    Clojure

Cljsee is a Leiningen plugin that aims to help library authors to write portable code in the .cljc format that can be used by projects that run Clojure 1.6 or below. It accomplishes this by parsing the cljc conditionals as a compile-time step and producing .clj and .cljs files with only the relevant code. Cljsee performs a very similar role to the now-deprecated cljx plugin (and I've intentionally modeled cljsee's build configuration after cljx's syntax to make it easy to switch over). But users of cljsee have access to the modern reader conditionals that are official to the Clojure language, including the splicing (#?@(...)) conditional, instead of the #+clj / #+cljs syntax specific to the cljx plugin.

lein-native-image - A Leiningen plugin to generate GraalVM native images

  •    Clojure

A Leiningen plugin for generating GraalVM native images from your project. The lein native-image command compiles your project then uses GraalVM's native-image to build a native image.