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rewire - Easy monkey-patching for node.js unit tests

  •    Javascript

Please note: The current version of rewire is only compatible with CommonJS modules. See Limitations. rewire acts exactly like require. With just one difference: Your module will now export a special setter and getter for private variables.

OOMDetector - OOMDetector is a memory monitoring component for iOS which provides you with OOM monitoring, memory allocation monitoring, memory leak detection and other functions

  •    Objective-C++

OOMDetector is a memory monitoring component for iOS which provides you with OOM monitoring, memory allocation monitoring, memory leak detection and other functions.

linux.mirai - Leaked Linux.Mirai Source Code for Research/IoC Development Purposes

  •    C

Uploaded for research purposes and so we can develop IoC's and such. See "post.txt" (transcribed in post.md) for the post in which it leaks, if you want to know how it is all set up and the likes.

UMDH Tracer


Tool that generates & exploits UMDH Dump so that leaks detection is easier.

memdiff - BDD style memory leak hunting tool

  •    Javascript

Memdiff is experimental. I've been noticing some inconsistency, haven't had time for checking out and fixing yet.

node-leaky - Detect and report global leaking in source code strings.

  •    Javascript

Detect and report global leaking in source code strings.

rewire-webpack - Dependency injection for webpack bundles

  •    Javascript

Use rewire in webpack bundles. This is a plugin that enables rewire for client-side bundles generated by webpack.

BLeak - BLeak: Automatically Debugging Memory Leaks in Web Applications

  •    TypeScript

BLeak automatically finds, ranks, and diagnoses memory leaks in the client-side of web applications. BLeak uses a short developer-provided script to drive the application in a loop through specific visual states (e.g., the inbox view and email view of a mail client) as an oracle to find memory leaks. In our experience, BLeak's precision is often 100% (e.g., no false positives), and fixing the leaks it finds reduces heap growth by 94% on average on a corpus of real production web apps.

seppuku - Allow your Node.js workers to die honourably

  •    Javascript

Seppuku (named after the highly ritual suicide ceremony of Japanese samurai) is a simple module that streamlines the process of gracefully shutting down worker processes in a Node.js cluster that serves web pages through restify or express. It can be triggered manually, in response to an abnormal condition (e.g.: an unhandled exception), or automatically after a configurable number of requests to keep memory creep at bay.

sbt-classloader-leak-prevention - An sbt plugin to fix java

  •    Scala

An sbt plugin to fix java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace/PermGen errors during interactive sbt usage

vpnfailsafe - IP leak prevention for OpenVPN

  •    Shell

vpnfailsafe prevents a VPN user's ISP-assigned IP address from being exposed on the internet, both while the VPN connection is active and when it goes down. vpnfailsafe doesn't affect traffic to/from private networks, or disrupt existing firewall rules beyond its intended function.

RxLifecycle - Rx binding of stock Android Activities & Fragment Lifecycle, avoiding memory leak

  •    Java

This library allows one to automatically finish sequences based on Android lifecycle state, This capability is useful in Android, where incomplete subscriptions can cause memory leaks.

hungryfox - Monitoring for leaks of sensitive information in git repositories

  •    Go

HungryFox is a software for continuous search for leaks of sensitive information like passwords, api-keys, private certificates and etc in your repositories. HungryFox differs from other solutions as it can work as a daemon and efficiently scans each new commit in repo and sends notification about found leaks.

killswitch - VPN kill switch for macOS

  •    Go

VPN kill switch for macOS, it will block outgoing traffic when VPN connection fails or crashes.

h8mail - Email OSINT and password breach hunting

  •    Python

Email OSINT and password breach hunting. Use h8mail to find passwords through different breach and reconnaissance services, or the infamous Breached Compilation torrent

NativeLeakDetector - Win32 memory leak detector with ETW

  •    CSharp

This is a Win32 memory leak detector that instruments the Windows heap allocation APIs and collects real-time allocation information. It aggregates allocation stacks in real-time, and can display any memory allocated by an application that was not yet freed, helping identify and resolve memory leaks. It works only in live mode, and collects the HeapAlloc and HeapFree ETW events for a specified process. Unlike some other tools, this tool does not record every allocation and free event to a file on disk and analyzes them later -- for production processes with a heavy allocation load, this makes the difference between a working tool and a gigantic disk hog. Importantly, if the target process exits before the tool had a chance to print stacks, symbol resolution will fail, so it is more suitable for longer-running processes.

node-heapsnapshot-parser - node-heapsnapshot-parser

  •    Javascript

Parses heapsnapshot files from node.js and Chrome V8. Returns a new HeapSnapshot object.

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