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leaf - A game server framework in Go (golang)

  •    Go

A pragmatic game server framework in Go (golang).Leaf is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.

GDAY - GDAY simulates carbon, nitrogen & water dynamics

  •    C

GDAY (Generic Decomposition And Yield) is a simple ecosystem model that simulates carbon, nitrogen, and water dynamics at the stand scale (Comins and McMurtrie, 1993; Medlyn et al. 2000; Corbeels et al. 2005a,b). The model can be run at either a daily time step, or a 30-minute time step. When the model is run at the sub-daily timescale, photosynthesis is calculated using a two-leaf (sunlit/shade) approximation (de Pury and Farquhar, 1997; Wang and Leuning, 1998), otherwise photosynthesis is calculated following Sands (1995;1996). The sub-daily approach (photosynthesis & leaf energy balance) mirrors MAESPA, without the complexity of the radiation treatment. In the standard model the water balance is represented simply, with two (fixed) soil water "buckets", which represent a top soil (e.g. 5 cm) and a larger root-zone. If you are using the sub-daily version, there is now the option to use a SPA-style representation of hydraulics. GDAY-SPA resolves multiple soil layers, soil and leaf water potential and limits gas exchange following the Emax approach (see MAESPA for more details).

carwings - Javascript library for the Nissan Leaf Carwings JSON API

  •    Javascript

This code is meant for interacting with the Nissan Leaf Carwings API. This API allows one to query a swath of information about the vehicle, some of it cached in the cloud and some pulled directly from the vehicle over its cellular connectivity. The API also allows modifying a limited set of vehicle states (AC on/off, charge start/stop). It is written for node.js and uses the babel transpiler mainly for taking advantage of es6 modules and es8(?) async/await to make network ops more pleasant to work with.

LEAF_Carwings_EasyAccess - One-click access to LEAF Carwings remote actions

  •    PHP

Generate a new GUID (using this tool for example), and replace the _your_guid_here_ string with this new GUID. Change the country as necessary.

nissan-connect-php - Use the Nissan Connect (was Carwings) API using a simple PHP class.

  •    PHP

Use the Nissan Connect (was Carwings) API using a simple PHP class. Thanks to Joshua Perry for his Carwings protocol reference which I used as a reference to refactor my One-click access to LEAF by creating this class.

leaf-error-middleware - Serve up custom 404 and server error pages for your Vapor App

  •    Swift

Leaf Error Middleware is a piece of middleware for Vapor which allows you to return custom 404 and server error pages. Note that this middleware is designed to be used for Leaf front-end websites only - it should not be used for providing JSON error responses for an API, for example.

SteamPress - A Blogging Engine and Platform written in Swift for use with the Vapor Framework

  •    Swift

SteamPress is a Swift blogging engine for use with the Vapor Framework to deploy blogs to sites that run on top of Vapor. It uses Fluent so will work with any database that has a Fluent Driver. It also incorporates a Markdown Provider allowing you to write your posts in Markdown and then use Leaf to render the markdown. The blog can either be used as the root of your website (i.e. appearing at https://www.acme.org) or in a subpath (i.e. https://www.acme.org/blog/).

SteamPressExample - An example site for using SteamPress

  •    Javascript

This is an example site for using SteamPress with your Vapor website. You can also just use it as your blog! This example site uses Bootstrap 4 for styling so should be fairly easy to make it look how you want. It also uses Markdown to render the blog posts, and has Syntax highlighting for code (obviously!). This site can be viewed at https://www.steampress.io/. This site also provides a good example for all the Leaf files you will need, and the parameters they are given, as well as what you need to send to SteamPress to be create users and posts etc.

carwings - Go package and CLI tool for the Nissan Leaf Carwings API

  •    Go

carwings is a Go package and command-line tool providing access to the Nissan Leaf Carwings API. Through the Carwings API you can ask your vehicle for the latest data, see current battery and charging statuses, see the current climate control state, start or stop climate control remotely, remotely start charging, and retrieve the last known location of the vehicle.


  •    Javascript

This is an accessory plugin for Homebridge allowing to manage and control the Nissan Leaf. This gives Siri/homeKit the ability to get the HVAC status, battery level, and charge status. This plugin connects to the carwings API using provided credentials, then adds an accessory with multiple services for Battery/Fan.

merkle-lib - A performance conscious library for merkle root and tree calculations.

  •    Javascript

A performance conscious library for merkle root and tree calculations. This implementation is vulnerable to a forgery attack as a second pre-image attack, see these[1][2] crypto.stackexchange questions for an explanation. To avoid this vulnerability, you should pre-hash your leaves using a different hash function than the function provided such that H(x) != H'(x).

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