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validatorjs - A data validation library in JavaScript for the browser and Node

  •    Javascript

The validatorjs library makes data validation in JavaScript very easy in both the browser and Node.js. This library was inspired by the Laravel framework's Validator. To apply validation rules to the data object, use the same object key names for the rules object.

elixir - Fluent API for Gulp.

  •    Javascript

Laravel Elixir provides a clean, fluent API for defining basic Gulp tasks for your Laravel application. Elixir supports several common CSS and JavaScript pre-processors, and even testing tools. Documentation for Elixir can be found on the Laravel website.

collect.js - 💎 Convenient and dependency free wrapper for working with arrays and objects

  •    Javascript

Using Laravel as your backend? Collect.js offers an (almost) identical api to Laravel Collections 5.5. See differences. All comparisons in collect.js are done using strict equality. Using loose equality comparisons are generally frowned upon in JavaScript. Laravel only performs "loose" comparisons by default and offer several "strict" comparison methods. These methods have not been implemented in collect.js because all methods are strict by default.

CRUD - Build a custom admin interface for your Eloquent models, using Laravel 5.2 to 5.6

  •    Javascript

Quickly build an admin interface for your Eloquent models, using Laravel 5. Erect a complete CMS at 10 minutes/model, max. Please subscribe to the Backpack Newsletter so you can find out about any security updates, breaking changes or major features. We send an email every 1-2 months.

vue-model - Model component for Vue.js

  •    Javascript

Vue-model is a Javascript plugin for Vue.js that gives you the ability to transform your plain data into rich models with built-in and customizable HTTP actions, computed properties, and methods. This project started because I work in Vue relatively often and really wanted to be able to call customer.save(), have it POST the data to the server, show the user feedback that the action was in progress, and then apply the server's results to the model.

idea-php-laravel-plugin - Laravel Framework Plugin for PhpStorm / IntelliJ IDEA

  •    Java

To install, go to Settings > Plugins and search for "Laravel Plugin". Once installed, you must activate per-project by going to Settings > Languages & Frameworks > PHP > Laravel and clicking "Enable for this project".

vue-api-query - 💎 Elegant and simple way to build requests for REST API

  •    Javascript

This package helps you quickly to build requests for REST API. Move your logic and backend requests to dedicated classes. Keep your code clean and elegant. 🔥 If you use Laravel, this package matches perfectly with spatie/laravel-query-builder.

webhook.site - ⚓️ Easily test HTTP webhooks with this handy tool that displays requests in realtime.

  •    Javascript

With the Webhook Tester app, you can easily test HTTP webhooks and other types of HTTP requests. Upon visiting the app, you get a random URL to send your requests and webhooks to, and they're all logged in the app – instantly. Check it out at https://webhook.site.

form-backend-validation - An easy way to validate forms using back end logic

  •    Javascript

Wouldn't it be great if you could just use your back end to validate forms on the front end? This package provides a Form class does exactly that. It can post itself to a configured endpoint and manage errors. The class meant to be used with a Laravel back end. Take a look at the usage section to view a detailed example on how to use it.

Laravel-Media-Manager - A "Vuejs & Laravel" Media Manager With Tons of Features

  •    Javascript

add this one liner to your main js file and run npm run watch to compile your js/css files.

vform - A simple way to handle Laravel back-end validation in Vue 2.

  •    Javascript

A simple way to handle Laravel back-end validation in Vue. Inspired from Laravel Spark. See the included examples.

laravel-elixir-vue-2 - Laravel Elixir Vue 2.0 support plugin

  •    Javascript

'Laravel Elixir Vue 2.0 Integration'

laravel-elixir-useref - This is a simple wrapper around Laravel Elixir for Useref.

  •    Javascript

This is a simple wrapper around Laravel Elixir for Useref. You need these files compiled in the same way they are loaded in your development environment.

laravel-elixir-sass-compass - Laravel Elixir Compass Extension

  •    Javascript

Compass has been deprecated. This plugin will continue to work as long as I can keep it working, but you should consider migrating away from Compass in general. Finally, if you'd like to output to a different directory than the default public/css, then you can override this as well.

laravel4-backbone-marionette - A starter project complete with a build step

  •    Javascript

This boilerplate sets up the front-end stuff for a Backbone/Marionette App. #Fast install If you're on a mac, have curl & php 5.4 or above, you're in luck - it's a one-liner for you.

form-object - Form object to use with Vue components for sending data to a Laravel application using axios

  •    Javascript

Form Object is a simple layer on top of axios, it understands the Laravel validation error responses and handles it for you, now you can focus on the feedback you want to give to the users. In this way only that one will be removed from the error messages list.

github-labels - Add github labels automatically

  •    Javascript

Add github labels automatically. It's very useful that init all your custom labels when create a repo.

Lang.js - :performing_arts: Laravel Translator class in JavaScript!

  •    Javascript

To use Lang.js we need to specify at least the messages sources. This can be done during instantiation as shown in the previous code or later using the setMessages() method. See the sample used in tests located at: test/fixture/messages.json.

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