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ziggy - Use your Laravel named routes in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Ziggy creates a Blade directive which you can include in your views. This will export a JavaScript object of your application's named routes, keyed by their names (aliases), as well as a global route() helper function which you can use to access your routes in your JavaScript. (if Laravel 5.4) Add Tightenco\Ziggy\ZiggyServiceProvider::class to the providers array in your config/app.php.

laravel-mix - An elegant wrapper around Webpack for the 80% use case.

  •    Javascript

Laravel Mix provides a clean, fluent API for defining basic webpack build steps for your Laravel application. Mix supports several common CSS and JavaScript pre-processors. You may review the initial documentation here on GitHub.


  •    TypeScript

In many modern web applications, WebSockets are used to implement realtime, live-updating user interfaces. When some data is updated on the server, a message is typically sent over a WebSocket connection to be handled by the client. This provides a more robust, efficient alternative to continually polling your application for changes. To assist you in building these types of applications, Laravel makes it easy to "broadcast" your events over a WebSocket connection. Broadcasting your Laravel events allows you to share the same event names between your server-side code and your client-side JavaScript application.

vue-datasource - A vue.js component to create dynamic tables

  •    Javascript

[WIP] Vue Datasource go back renew. Coming soon V3. A Vue.js component to create dynamic tables. Compatible with Vue 2.x and Laravel.

generator-np-laravel - UNMAINTAINED: Use https://github.com/noprotocol/generator-np-stack

  •    Javascript

See the features list to see them all. Run yo np-laravel or simply yo and select the Np Laravel generator.

laravel-elixir-livereload - Laravel Elixir wrapper for livereload

  •    Javascript

Live reload also uses a script file so add the following to your blade templates.

dump-die - Dump an object and kill the process in node.js

  •    Javascript

Dump an object and kill the process in node.js for quick debugging. Based on Laravel's dd() function. You're free to use this package (it's MIT-licensed), but if it makes it to your production environment you are required to send us a postcard from your hometown, mentioning which of our package(s) you are using.

fannypack - The tool belt for front-end developers

  •    Javascript

The tool belt for front-end developers. Fannypack is a lean, lightning-fast build system that suits any application.

vue-laroute - Wrapper for injecting laravel routes into your vue application

  •    Javascript

Inject Laravel routes into your Vue application via aaronlord/laroute. I actually recommend the alternative and more slim-lined version of this package from AXN-Informatique/laravel-laroute. Details changes for each release are documented in the CHANGELOG.md.

oc-vuetober-theme - A webpack starting point for single page apps with October CMS and Vue

  •    Javascript

This project is an opinionated approach to single page applications within the awesome worlds of Vue.js, October CMS, and Laravel. To see what's included out of the box, check out the live demo. Note: The next version of Vuetober will be a vue-cli plugin. Click here to help us test drive it.

webpack-laravel-mix-manifest - 🐶Use the webpack build information to generate the laravel-mix function compatibility information file

  •    Javascript

Use the webpack build information to generate the laravel-mix function compatibility information file. The 2.0 version Only Support webpack 4, If you using webpack 2 or 3 version 1.0.

laravel-mix-auto-extract - Laravel Mix plugin to auto extract vendor js

  •    Javascript

Laravel Mix plugin to auto extract 3rd party dependencies to vendor.js. Here are the default options, all of them are optional.