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vue-model - Model component for Vue.js

  •    Javascript

Vue-model is a Javascript plugin for Vue.js that gives you the ability to transform your plain data into rich models with built-in and customizable HTTP actions, computed properties, and methods. This project started because I work in Vue relatively often and really wanted to be able to call customer.save(), have it POST the data to the server, show the user feedback that the action was in progress, and then apply the server's results to the model.

Enso - Laravel Vue SPA, Bulma themed. For demo login use `admin@laravel-enso.com` & `password`.

  •    Vue

[![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/laravel/framework.svg)](https://travis-ci.org/laravel/framework) [![Total Downloads](https://poser.pugx.org/laravel/framework/d/total.svg)](https://packagist.org/packages/laravel/framework) [![Latest Stable Version](https://poser.pugx.org/laravel/framework/v/stable.svg)](https://packagist.org/packages/laravel/framework) [![Latest Unstable Version](https://poser.pugx.org/laravel/framework/v/unstable.svg)](https://packagist.org/packages/laravel/framework) [![License](https://poser.pugx.org/laravel/framework/license.svg)](https://packagist.org/packages/laravel/framework)

indipay - The Laravel 5 Package for Indian Payment Gateways

  •    PHP

Step 5: Modify the app\Http\Kernel.php to use the new Middleware. This is required so as to avoid CSRF verification on the Response Url from the payment gateways. You may adjust the routes in the config file config/indipay.php to disable CSRF on your gateways response routes. Edit the config/indipay.php. Set the appropriate Gateway and its parameters. Then in your code...

sms - Simple SMS Gateway Package for sending short text messages from your Application

  •    PHP

Simple SMS Gateway Package for sending short text messages from your Application. Facade for Laravel 5(Updated to work with Laravel 5.5).Currently supported Gateways Clickatell, MVaayoo, Gupshup, SmsAchariya, SmsCountry, SmsLane, Nexmo, Mocker / Any HTTP/s based Gateways are supported by Custom Gateway. Log gateway can be used for testing. Edit the config/sms.php. Set the appropriate Gateway and its parameters. Then in your code... Put your blade template for the SMS in the resources/views/sms folder. Then use the below lines of code to send SMS.

sweetalert - Laravel 5 Package for SweetAlert2

  •    PHP

Laravel 5 Package for SweetAlert 2. Use this package to easily show SweetAlert prompts in your Laravel application. This package does have its own views to be included in your templates. But if you would like to tweak it or include your own you can use the views published in the resources/views/vendor/sweetalert directory.

solder - Supercharge Your Modpack with Solder

  •    PHP

Supercharge Your Modpack with Solder. Build, and maintain multiple versions of modpacks and manage all required downloads in one place. These instructions will get you a locally running version of solder for development and testing purposes. Its important to note that this application is still in early development and updates may break functionality or require special upgrade steps. Do not use this in production.

laravel-api-example - 💻 Build an API with Laravel 5

  •    PHP

We can use this handy script for generating a new Laravel 5 app. I also wrote this Medium article that goes through installing and configuring a MySQL database for a Laravel 5 application. I find myself refering back to it regularly.

free-pmo - Project management software for freelancers or agencies, built with Laravel 5.

  •    PHP

Tell our clients that we are managing our projects professionally. Free PMO (Project Management Office), management project software for freelancer and agency, built with Laravel 5 Framework.