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laravel-5-boilerplate - A Laravel 5 Boilerplate Project - http://laravel-boilerplate.com

  •    PHP

You can download the last build of Laravel 5.6 here. You can download the last build of Laravel 5.5 here.

laravel-adminpanel - A Laravel 5 Admin Panel (version : 5.7)

  •    PHP

Give your project a Head Start by using laravel-adminpanel. It gives you the ability to create a module using a sweet GUI, where you put in the Module Name and it will generate all the necessary files for you, like Model, Traits, Relationship, Migration, Controllers, Views and routes. So when you are done creating a module, you can directly go to the route generated and see your new module. Since, this does not have the ability to generate table fields for now, so you have to write the migration file that is generated and run a manual php artisan migrate command, and you are good to go.

laravel-vue-spa-boilerplate - A boilerplate project for developing a SPA with Laravel and Vuetify

  •    PHP

This is a boilerplate project for applications using a Laravel Backend with a Single Page Application using VueJS and Vuetify. I decided to make this boilerplate after wrestling with this setup for some time. The styling for the frontend is done using Vuetify, exploring this documentation will help you understand the components and tags used in the frontend.

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