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Laravel-JS-Localization - 🌐 Convert your Laravel messages and consume them in the front-end!

  •    PHP

This package convert all your localization messages from your Laravel app to JavaScript with a small library to interact with those messages following a very similar syntax you are familiar with. The Laravel-JS-Localization package provides a command that generate the JavaScript version of all your messages found at: app/lang (Laravel 4) or resources/lang (Laravel 5) directory. The resulting JavaScript file will contain all your messages plus Lang.js (a thin library highly inspired on Laravel's Translator class).

cloudder - Cloudinary wrapper for Laravel 5

  •    PHP

Initially forked from https://github.com/teepluss/laravel4-cloudinary. As it doesn't seem to be maintained anymore, and facing the lack of response from the original maitainer (issue opened + pull request opened, last commit on August last year), I decided to create a new fork that I plan on maintaining.

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