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node-lame - Node.js native bindings to libmp3lame & libmpg123

  •    C++

For all your async streaming MP3 encoding/decoding needs, there's node-lame! This module hooks into libmp3lame, the library that the lame command uses, to provide Encoder and Decoder streams to NodeJS.node-lame comes bundled with its own copy of libmp3lame and libmpg123, so there's no need to have them installed on your system.

CrossBow Web Stress Tester


This is a c# console application that can fire http GET or POST requests (with variables) to a web site. It is multithreaded and uses asynch WebRequests. The GET and POST variables can come from a text file to simulate differing requests as well as from the app.config. T...

vmsg - :musical_note: Library for creating voice messages

  •    Javascript

vmsg is a small library for creating voice messages. While traditional way of communicating on the web is via text, sometimes it's easier or rather funnier to express your thoughts just by saying it. Of course it doesn't require any special support: record your voice with some standard program, upload to file hosting and share the link. But why bother with all of that tedious stuff if you can do the same in browser with a few clicks. That's it! Don't forget to include vmsg.css and vmsg.wasm in your project. For browsers without WebAssembly support you need to also include wasm-polyfill.js.

nicercast - simple node.js icecast compliant streaming server

  •    Javascript

Simple node.js icecast compliant streaming server. Based off work done by TooTallNate on NodeFloyd.

krypton - Multithreaded audio for Node.js

  •    C++

If you are on a machine with AVX-512 support (such as Google Cloud Compute), enable AVX-512 by appending --krypton-enable-avx-512 when installing with npm. If you are on an old machine without AVX-2 support, append --krypton-disable-avx2 when installing with npm.