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s3-lambda - Lambda functions over S3 objects with concurrency control (each, map, reduce, filter)

  •    Javascript

s3-lambda enables you to run lambda functions over a context of S3 objects. It has a stateless architecture with concurrency control, allowing you to process a large number of files very quickly. This is useful for quickly prototyping complex data jobs without an infrastructure like Hadoop or Spark. At Littlstar, we use s3-lambda for all sorts of data pipelining and analytics.

next-on-netlify - Build and deploy Next.js applications with Server-Side Rendering on Netlify!

  •    Javascript

We are deprecating next-on-netlify in favor of Netlify's Essential Next.js Build Plugin. Please visit this issue to learn more about the deprecation of next-on-netlify and ask any questions. You can also visit our simple Migration doc for assistance migrating to the plugin. next-on-netlify is a utility for enabling server-side rendering in Next.js on Netlify. It wraps your application in a tiny compatibility layer, so that pages can use Netlify Functions to be server-side rendered.

awslambdaproxy - An AWS Lambda powered HTTP/SOCKS web proxy

  •    Go

awslambdaproxy is an AWS Lambda powered HTTP/SOCKS web proxy. It provides a constantly rotating IP address for your network traffic from all regions where AWS Lambda is available. The goal is to obfuscate your traffic and make it harder to track you as a user. Current code status: proof of concept. This is the first Go application that I've ever written. It has no tests. It may not work. It may blow up. Use at your own risk.

All-About-Programming - Everything about programming!!

  •    Javascript

This is a place for me to keep tracked of what I did or what I want to do and some awesome tips from all the online resources have found. All this resources is about web development and some about computer science. My goal is to be a awesome Full-Stack Web Developer. If you have some resources to shared please do. I'm eager to find new stuff and learn.

thumbnailer - A thumbnail generator example using Minio's listenBucketNotification API

  •    Javascript

A thumbnail generator example using Minio's listenBucketNotification API. This is a simple example of how one can build a AWS Lambda like functionality on a laptop.Just run yarn to install all the necessary dependencies.

aws-lambda-list - A list of hopefully useful AWS lambdas and lambda-related resources.


A list of AWS lambdas and lambda-related resources. Hopefully some are even useful. Please note that there are no guarantees that the functions here are safe to run - you're going to have to test them yourself.

serverless-aws-alias - Alias support for Serverless 1.x

  •    Javascript

This plugin enables use of AWS aliases on Lambda functions. The term alias must not be mistaken as the stage. Aliases can be deployed to stages, e.g. if you work on different VCS branches in the same service, you can deploy your branch to a new alias. The alias deployment can contain a different set of functions (newly added ones or removed ones) and does not impact any other deployed alias. Aliases also can be used to provide a 'real' version promotion. As soon as the service is deployed with the plugin activated, it will create a default alias that is named equally to the stage. This is the master alias for the stage.

developer-portal - API for 3rd-Party Developers of Keboola Connection

  •    Javascript

An application based on Serverless framework utilizing AWS Lamda, API Gateway and Cognito services. The installation process creates VPC, S3 bucket, Cognito User Pool, RDS instance, Cloudfront distribution, Lambda functions and API Gateway. All resources are prefixed with SERVICE_NAME variable. Please ensure that the prefix is unique, if resources with same identifiers already exist, the installation will fail.

pong - 🏓 Pong for RESTful APIs (microservices pattern) using Serverless Framework :zap:

  •    Javascript

Build scalables RESTful apis under serverless arquitecture for AWS (serverless +v1.x), create a good codebase with scalability while the project grow up could require a lot of efford, time and dedication to know how the framework works, often this process of learning tends to be while we're building the product and this require agility and fast learning, customizing the code could be annoying a take more time than expected, that's the reason of this skeleton. Have you play ping-pong? is a sport in which two players (frontend and backend) hit a lightweight ball (HATEOAS) back and forth across a table (Restful) using small bats (Vuejs and Serverless Framework).

serverless-plugin-canary-deployments - Canary deployments for your Serverless application

  •    Javascript

You can see a working example in the example folder. For now, the plugin only works with Lambda functions invoked by API Gateway, Stream based (such as the triggered by Kinesis or DynamoDB Streams), SNS based events and S3 events. More events will be added soon.

dynamodb-replication - A serverless dynamodb cross region replication solution

  •    Javascript

The dynamodb replication solution makes use of dynamodb table streams and lambda functions to replicate data cross regions in near real time. This README serves as a 'quick start' guide for getting replication up and running. Full documentation can be found in the wiki.


  •    Crystal

GCF provides managed execution of crystal language code within Google Cloud Functions. GCF compiles your crystal code statically using the durosoft/crystal-alpine docker image or optionally using your local crystal installation (if it is capable of static compilation) via the --local option. It then bundles your compiled crystal code in a thin node.js wrapper function and deploys it to GCP using the options you specify. An API is also provided for writing to the console, throwing errors, and returning the final response. If you plan to use docker-based static compilation (default option), you don't need to install crystal on your system as long as you have a statically compiled gcf binary. You can use the build_static script included in the repo to build a static binary for gcf using docker. That said, having crystal locally installed will make it easier to write tests.

awesome-functions - A curated list of awesome open source Cloud / Lambda / Azure functions


A curated list of awesome open source Cloud / Lambda / Azure functions. You want to contribute to this project? Please follow these recommendations.

jobber - Jobber is an implementation to use AWS Lambda functions for micro requests with no penalty

  •    Go

For both AWS Lambda and Google cloud functions there are two catches. They have high startup time, near 10ms, and they have minimum 100ms time granularity. It means if I want to serve my http requests that take 12ms, first I will face near 10ms delay just to start the function, then both platforms will charge me for 100ms of time, even though I just needed 12ms. This makes Cloud function not suitable for normal usage.

lambda-typescript-webpack-babel-starter - This project demonstrates how to write, test, and package AWS Lambda functions using TypeScript, webpack, and babel

  •    TypeScript

AWS Lambda: AWS Lambda allows developers to deploy packages of executable JavaScript code to the AWS infrastructure and make it executable without having to worry about managing servers. webpack: webpack is used to create optimized bundles from JavaScript code that leverage ES6 modules.

epsagon-node - Instrumentation library for Node.js 6.10, 8.10 and 10.x ⚡️

  •    Javascript

This package provides an instrumentation to Node.js code running on functions for collection of distributed tracing and performance monitoring. Provided under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

epsagon-python - Instrumentation library for Python 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7 ⚡️

  •    Python

This package provides an instrumentation to Python code running on functions for collection of distributed tracing and performance monitoring. More details about lambda deployments are available in the AWS documentation.

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