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TYAttributedLabel - TYAttributedLabel 简单,强大的属性文本控件(无需了解CoreText),支持图文混排显示,支持添加链接,image和UIView控件,支持自定义排版显示

  •    Objective-C

TYAttributedLabel 简单,强大的属性文本控件(无需了解CoreText),支持图文混排显示,支持添加链接,image和UIView控件,支持自定义排版显示

react-foundation - Foundation as React components.

  •    Javascript

Foundation as React components. Foundation is both feature-rich and easy to customize. React on the other hand is awesome because of its simplicity. It's even more awesome when combined with Redux and Immutable.

SJAttributesFactory - Simplify operation NSAttributedString, make writing easier

  •    Objective-C

Simplify operation NSAttributedString, make writing easier. Attributes String Editing Factory. iOS 富文本编辑, 让代码更清晰. 文本编辑, 高度计算, 正则匹配等待... 简便操作, 让你爽到爆!

imglab - To speedup and simplify image labeling/ annotation process with multiple supported formats.

  •    HTML

A web based tool to label images for objects that can be used to train dlib or other object detectors. With most users switching over to the new version of imglab, the legacy version of imglab has been removed.


  •    JQuery

jQuery plugin to simplify working with HTML forms when HTML5 placeholder support is present.

canvas-text - [experiment] better Canvas2D text rendering

  •    Javascript

Easier Canvas2D text rendering.This still has some bugs that is cutting off text in places. If you'd like to contribute, drop me a line in the issues. For now, the current version is unstable 0.x and undocumented until bugs are smoothed out.

github-label-setup - 📦 Setup GitHub label without configuration.

  •    Javascript

Opinionated GitHub label setup tool. This tool work without no configuration.


  •    Javascript

The ember-animated-status-label addon provides a component that will show different labels that correspond to the pending and recently-settled promise states. This component also provides a subtle animated transition between each state. If the promise has settled the component will yield.

node-MarkerWithLabel - npm module of Google Map utility's Marker With Label

  •    Javascript

Note: This library is a copy of the original hosted on Google Code) with modifications and bug fixes made where appropriate. MarkerWithLabel extends the Google Maps JavaScript API V3 google.maps.Marker class.

dynamic-forest - Maintain a dynamic spanning forest of a graph under edge insertions and deletions

  •    Javascript

Connectivity queries can be answered in O(log(size of component)), and updates take O(log(number of vertices)^2) time. The total space complexity is O((number of edges + number of vertices) * log(number of vertices)). This code works both in node.js and in the browser using browserify.

angular-floating-label - Angular directive creating a "floating label" for inputs with a placeholder

  •    Javascript

Add the js file to your html file, optionally add the css file as well. Add components to your angular dependencies and then just add floating-label as an attribute on your input fields.


  •    Javascript

Link.js is a module loader and conversion tool. It supports Labeled Modules, CommonJS and Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD). Link.js is the first loader to support the Labeled Modules format. It emulates the import and export statements in ECMAScript.next. In Labeled Modules, the labels require: and exports: can be used to import or export top level variables in a module.

FSDAirportFlipLabel - UILabel like old Airport flipping labels

  •    Objective-C

To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first. Since it is a UILabel subclass you can instantiate it from your storyboard or directly from code.

react-input-children - InputChildren is a replacement for the base input react component capable of rendering a child (link, button

  •    TypeScript

InputChildren is a replacement for the base input react component capable of rendering a child (link, button...) inside the input itself. It supports the same props of react input. Inside componentDidMount InputChildren gets height and width of the child div wrapper and uses them to position it correctly inside the input and to give the correct right padding to the input itself.

EFCountingLabel - Adds animated counting support to UILabel.

  •    Swift

A label which can show number change animated, in Swift. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

TYText - text asynchronous rendering by TextKit for iOS

  •    Objective-C

text asynchronous rendering by TextKit,for iOS. TextKit异步渲染 you can see weibo Demo.

SJLabel - 一个支持匹配点击的 label . a label, Supports attributes text matching clicks.

  •    Objective-C

一个支持匹配点击的 label . a label, Supports attributes text matching clicks.

vue-float-label - Float label pattern for Vue.js

  •    Javascript

Float label pattern for Vue.js. Cross-browser compatible and easy to customize with CSS. Now you have access in your templates to the <float-label> component.

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