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podinfo - Go microservice template for Kubernetes

  •    Go

Podinfo is a tiny web application made with Go that showcases best practices of running microservices in Kubernetes. Podinfo is used by CNCF projects like Flux and Flagger for end-to-end testing and workshops. To access the Swagger UI open <podinfo-host>/swagger/index.html in a browser.

kotsadm - Kotsadm has been merged into the KOTS repo

  •    Javascript

Kotsadm is an installable admin console for managing Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf (KOTS) software. Kotsadm provides a nextgen admin experience for any KOTS application, designed to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of enterprise IT admins, from a “click-to-deploy” model to “automated operations”. Once deployed, Kotsadm gives administrators the ability to get an application configured, installed and updated using step-through configuration, and automated preflight checks.

helm-convert - Convert Helm charts into Kustomize compatible package

  •    Go

Charts are curated application definitions for Helm, this plugin let you convert existing charts into Kustomize compatible package. If you don't have Helm installed, you can just download the binary from the release page.

kube-tools - Kubernetes tools for GitHub Actions CI

  •    Shell

Github Action with Kubernetes tools: kubectl, kustomize, helm, kubeval, conftest, jq, yq, go. See the release page for the list of available tools and versions.

kustomizer - Kustomize build, apply, prune command-line utility

  •    Go

Kustomizer is a command-line utility for applying kustomizations on Kubernetes clusters. Kustomizer garbage collector keeps track of the applied resources and prunes the Kubernetes objects that were previously applied on the cluster but are missing from the current revision. Windows users can download the binary from the release page.

podinfo-deploy - A GitOps workflow for multi-env deployments


A GitOps workflow for multi-env deployments with FluxCD source-controller and kustomize-controller.

gitops-app-distribution - GitOps workflow for managing app delivery on multiple clusters

  •    Shell

As a software vendor I want to distribute my application in a reliable manner to service providers that will host the app on their own Kubernetes clusters e.g. EKS, AKS/Linkerd, GKE/Istio. The application is composed of several containerized micro-services: frontend, backend, cache and database. Each micro-service receives periodically updates via container image releases and configuration changes. These updates should be tested in isolation with automated e2e testing. Once the updates are made available to service providers, the release on production clusters should be gated by conformance tests.

k8split - A CLI for splitting multidocument yaml files into discrete documents.

  •    Go

A CLI for splitting multidocument yaml files into discrete documents. Useful when converting k8s manifests to be fed into kustomize. Documents are named by their "kind" and a numerical postfix. For example, a document with two Deployment objects would produce the files deployment.yaml and deployment_1.yaml.

unfork - Kubectl plugin to find forked Helm Charts and other K8s resources and unfork them with Kustomize

  •    Go

A kubectl plugin to find forked helm charts running in a cluster, extract Kustomize compatible patches, and allow you to delete the fork and return to the upstream Chart, while preserving your patches. Note: Unfork does not make any changes to the applications running in your cluster. Unfork only needs access to your cluster in order to port-forward and gain access to Tiller.

khelm - A Helm chart templating CLI, kpt function and kustomize plugin

  •    Go

A Helm chart templating CLI, helm to kustomize converter, kpt function and kustomize plugin. Formerly known as "helm-kustomize-plugin".

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