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Cilium - eBPF-based Networking, Security, and Observability

  •    Go

Cilium is open source software for providing and transparently securing network connectivity and loadbalancing between application workloads such as application containers or processes. Cilium operates at Layer 3/4 to provide traditional networking and security services as well as Layer 7 to protect and secure use of modern application protocols such as HTTP, gRPC and Kafka. Cilium is integrated into common orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes.

kube-router - Kube-router, a turnkey solution for Kubernetes networking.

  •    Go

Kube-router is a turnkey solution for Kubernetes networking with aim to provide operational simplicity and high performance.kube-router does it all.

netplugin - Container networking for various use cases

  •    Go

Getting-started videos are available on YouTube. This will provide you with a minimal experience of uploading the intent and seeing the netplugin system act on it. It will create a network on your host that lives behind an OVS bridge and has its own unique interfaces.

kube-ovn - An OVN-based Kubernetes Network Fabric for Enterprises

  •    Go

Kube-OVN integrates the OVN-based Network Virtualization with Kubernetes. It offers an advanced Container Network Fabric for Enterprises. The Switch, Router, Firewall showed in the diagram below are all distributed on all Nodes. There is no single point of failure for in cluster network.

multus-cni - Multi-homed pod cni

  •    Go

Please check the CNI documentation for more information on container networking. Multus may be deployed as a Daemonset, and is provided in this guide along with Flannel. Flannel is deployed as a pod-to-pod network that is used as our "default network". Each network attachment is made in addition to this default network.

azure-container-networking - Azure Container Networking Plugins for Linux and Windows Containers

  •    Go

The azure-vnet network plugins connect containers to your Azure VNET, to take advantage of Azure SDN capabilities. The azure-vnet-ipam IPAM plugins provide address management functionality for container IP addresses allocated from Azure VNET address space.Azure VNET plugins are currently available as a public preview.

k8s-ec2-srcdst - A Kubernetes Controller that will ensure that the EC2 Source Destination Check (source-dest-check attribute) is disabled on nodes within the cluster

  •    Go

A Kubernetes Controller that will ensure that Source/Dest Check on the nodes within the cluster that are EC2 instances, are disabled. This is useful for Calico deployments in AWS where routing within a VPC subnet can be possible without IPIP encapsulation. To deploy this controller into your Kubernetes cluster, please make sure your cluster fufills the requirements as listed below. Then go to deploy/README.md for a quick start guide on how to deploy this to your Kubernetes cluster.

caddy-ingress-controller - A Kubernetes ingress controller built on the Caddy web server (https://caddyserver

  •    Go

This is an Ingress Controller, which implements the ingress.Controller interface provided by k8s.io/ingress/core/pkg/ingress. The implementation is fairly incomplete, in that it does not support any of the ingress annotations (yet!) but Caddy's straightforward configuration process should make them reasonably easy to implement for someone familiar with k8s networking.


  •    Shell

This tutorial consists of summaries and slides on important topics of Kubernetes, including networking, scheduling etc.

ovs-cni - Open vSwitch CNI plugin

  •    Shell

This plugin allows user to define Kubernetes networks on top of Open vSwitch bridges available on nodes. IPAM is currently not supported. There is no scheduling involved, desired bridges must be precreated on all nodes. Also, ovs-cni does not configure bridges, it's up to user to connect them to L2, L3 or an overlay network. Finally please note that Open vSwitch must be installed and running on the host. In order to use this plugin, Multus must be installed on all hosts and NetworkAttachmentDefinition CRD created.

gke-ip-address-management - An application to help with IP Address Management (IPAM) for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters

  •    Javascript

A tool to do IP Address Management for VPC-native GKE(Google Kubernetes Engine) clusters. This tool provides an easy and interactive way to model the IP Address requirement to create VPC-native GKE clusters using alias IP addresses.

kube-openvpn - :closed_lock_with_key: Kubernetes native OpenVPN

  •    Shell

Simple OpenVPN deployment using native kubernetes semantics. There is no persistent storage, CA management (key storage, cert signing) needs to be done outside of the cluster for now. I think this is better - unless you leave your keys on your dev laptop. The main motivator for this project was having the ability to route service requests back to local apps (running on the VPN client), making life much easier for development environments where developers cannot run the entire app stack locally but need to iterate on 1 app quickly.

kubetron - Kubetron is a Kubernetes secondary networks plugin allowing users to connect Pods to multiple networks created on Neutron (or other backend providing Neutron-like API)

  •    Python

Kubetron is a Kubernetes secondary networks plugin allowing users to connect Pods to multiple networks created on Neutron (or other backend providing Neutron-like API). Currently supports only OVN implementation. Both overlay and physical networks are supported. PRs and issues are welcome.

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