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k8s - A simple Kubernetes Go client

  •    Go

A slimmed down Go client generated using Kubernetes' new protocol buffer support. This package behaves similarly to official Kubernetes' Go client, but only imports two external dependencies.client-go is a framework for building production ready controllers, components that regularly watch API resources and push the system towards a desired state. If you're writing a program that watches several resources in a loop for long durations, client-go's informers framework is a battle tested solution which will scale with the size of the cluster.

pykube - Python client library for Kubernetes

  •    Python

Kel is an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) from Eldarion, Inc. that makes it easy to manage web application deployment and hosting through the entire lifecycle from development through testing to production. It adds components and tools on top of Kubernetes that help developers manage their application infrastructure. Kel builds on Eldarion's 7+ years experience running one of the leading Python and Django PaaSes.

Skuber - A Scala Kubernetes client library

  •    Scala

Skuber is a Scala client library for Kubernetes. It provides a fully featured, high-level and strongly typed Scala API for managing Kubernetes cluster resources (such as Pods, Services, Deployments, ReplicaSets, Ingresses etc.) via the Kubernetes REST API server. See the programming guide for more details.

kubernetes-client - Simplified Kubernetes API client for Node.js.

  •    Javascript

Simplified Kubernetes API client for Node.js.kubernetes-client provides access to all the Kubernetes objects and includes some niceties for writing simpler code.

kubernetes-client - A simple yet elegant client for accessing and controlling a Kubernetes cluster.

  •    PHP

A PHP client for managing a Kubernetes cluster.Last tested with 1.7.4 on Production Baremetal Cluster.

kubernetes-py - A python module for Kubernetes.

  •    Python

Kubernetes API bindings in Python.Find some code snippets below to help understand how to use this module.

node-kubernetes-client - kubernetes client of Node.js

  •    Javascript

Node.js client library for Google's Kubernetes API (https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/kubernetes) You can use this library to call a Kubernetes API hosted in a Kubernetes master node using Node.js.Authentication can be done via either token or login. If, however, the token expires, the login info will be used to acquire a new token.

clj-kubernetes-api - Kubernetes API Client library in Clojure

  •    Clojure

Kubernetes client API library for Clojure. Functions are generated using macros derived from offical swagger spec.Add the dependency to your project.clj.

csharp - Work In Progress

  •    CSharp

The project uses XUnit as unit testing framework.

node-k8s-client - kubernetes client of node.js

  •    TypeScript

:strictSSL If set to false, use of the API will not validate SSL certificate. Defualt is true.Authentication to REST API is done via the auth option. Currently supported authentication method types are username/password, token and client certificate. Presence of authentication details is checked in this order so if a token is specified as well as a client certificate then a token will be used.

kubernetes-api-php-client - PHP client for the kubernetes api

  •    PHP

Before any requests can be made with the client you will need to setup some configuration options.