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android-ktx - A set of Kotlin extensions for Android app development.

  •    Kotlin

A set of Kotlin extensions for Android app development. The goal of Android KTX is to make Android development with Kotlin more concise, pleasant, and idiomatic by leveraging the features of the language such as extension functions/properties, lambdas, named parameters, and parameter defaults. It is an explicit goal of this project to not add any new features to the existing Android APIs.

KAndroid - Kotlin library for Android

  •    Kotlin

Kotlin library for Android providing useful extensions to eliminate boilerplate code in Android SDK and focus on productivity. Library is compatible with Kotlin 1.2.21 build.

Kotlin-Realm-Extensions - Kotlin extensions to simplify Realm API.

  •    Kotlin

Kotlin extensions to simplify Realm API. Simplify your code to its minimum expression with this set of Kotlin extensions for Realm. Forget all boilerplate related with Realm API and perform database operations in one line of code with this lightweight library. Full test coverage.

ktx - LibKTX: Kotlin extensions for LibGDX games and applications

  •    Kotlin

Kotlin utilities for LibGDX applications. KTX aims to make LibGDX as Kotlin-friendly as possible without turning the API upside down. It provides modular utilities for certain parts of LibGDX with poor Kotlin support. This is not a new framework by any means - but Kotlin certainly makes LibGDX feel like one.

Splitties - A family of small Kotlin libraries for delightful Android development

  •    Kotlin

Splitties is a collection of small independent Android libraries that aims to make developing apps and libraries for Android (including Wear, TV, Things, Auto and ChromeOS targeted) easier and more fun. Some modules are similar to what Anko provides.

timberkt - Easy Android logging with Kotlin and Timber

  •    Kotlin

Jake Wharton's Timber library is great. It's a Java library with an API that works well for Java, but that isn't as idiomatic when used in Kotlin. This library builds on Timber with an API that's easier to use from Kotlin. Instead of using formatting parameters, you pass a lambda that is only evaluated if the message is logged.


  •    Kotlin

Curated list of Most commonly used Kotlin Extensions.

karamba - A collection of useful Kotlin extension for Android

  •    Kotlin

Karamba provides you a list of different and useful extensions for your project, here the list organized by the type extended.

algo4j - :horse_racing: An algorithm library using java native interface

  •    C++

This is an algorithm library for Java, whose core is written in C++, linked with JNI. It is test-driven(also benchmarks), well-documented, with code generation for some special cases.

KotX - Library of Kotlin extensions and tools for Android.

  •    Kotlin

kotx is a growing library of Kotlin extensions and tools for Android.

RxKotlinFX - Kotlin extensions to the RxJavaFX framework

  •    Kotlin

Binaries and dependency information for Maven, Ivy, Gradle and others can be found at http://search.maven.org. RxKotlinFX is the convergence of interoperability between RxJava, JavaFX, and Kotlin.

karibu-dsl - Kotlin Vaadin extensions and DSL

  •    Kotlin

This is a Kotlin extensions and DSL library for the Vaadin framework. Please visit Vaadin-on-Kotlin pages for the Getting Started guide. The origins of the word Karibu: it's a term for North American subspecies of the reindeer; that connects to Vaadin (which is a Finnish word for a female reindeer). A nice connotation comes from Swahili where Karibu means welcome.

Relax - ☘☘Relax 基于Kotlin语言编写的一套组件化框架,不紧整体组件化、内部也高度组件化🎋你可配置MVP、MVVM的开发模式、也可以配置所需要的业务组件🍁🍁

  •    Kotlin

☘☘Relax 基于Kotlin语言编写的一套组件化框架,不紧整体组件化、内部也高度组件化🎋你可配置MVP、MVVM的开发模式、也可以配置所需要的业务组件🍁🍁

LiveSmashBar - An elegant looking and easy to use informative library with LiveData integration for Android

  •    Kotlin

LiveSmashBar allows you a great alternative for native snackbar & toast in Android. It allows a great extent of customisation & flexibility in terms of usage & behaviour. Also it has support for LiveData which can be beneficial for displaying repetitive messages just be single initialization.

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