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kirby-copy-files - Clone page dashboard widget for Kirby panel

  •    PHP

Dashboard widget for Kirby panel that allows users to copy (clone) existing pages and files. Currently only auto-suggests existing pages, not files (but supports file copying as well).

kirby-staticbuilder - Static HTML exporter for Kirby CMS

  •    PHP

You have a Kirby-powered site. You can add your content manually in the content folder or use the Panel. You can use a theme or write your own templates and styles. You can preview your website using a local development server such as MAMP or WAMP. Kirby StaticBuilder doesn’t change any of that. It gives you a basic HTML interface which enables you to build all your site’s pages and write the result in a folder named, you guessed it: static.

kirby-twig - Twig templating support for Kirby CMS

  •    PHP

See the {% extends '@templates/layout.twig' %} and {% block content %} parts? They’re a powerful way to manage having a common page layout for many templates, and only changing the core content (and/or other specific parts). Read our Twig templating guide for more information. If you work with Twig templates for pages, you might not need the twig() helper at all. But it can be useful when working with the Modules and Patterns plugins.

kirby-calendar-plugin - A plugin for the Kirby CMS to easily implement an event calendar.

  •    PHP

A plugin for the Kirby 2 CMS to easily implement an event calendar. Put the calendar directory to site/plugins/.

kirby-uniform - A versatile Kirby 2 plugin to handle web form actions.

  •    PHP

A versatile Kirby 2 plugin to handle web form actions. This is Uniform v3. For Uniform v2.3 head over to the v2 branch.

kirby-visual-markdown - Visual Markdown Editor for Kirby CMS 2

  •    Javascript

Based on CodeMirror. Inspired by MirrorMark. Generally, this extension is free to use on both personal and commercial Kirby powered sites. You don't have to pay for it. However, please always keep in mind that developing this extension took place in my spare time (and maybe a little bit of the time I should have spend on other work related stuff) and up until now, quite some hours have been spent on it..

kirby-json-feed - Kirby Plugin to serve a JSON Feed

  •    PHP

Kirby Plugin to serve a JSON Feed. This plugin implements some of the structure fields of the JSON Feed Spec Version 1. Put the json-feed.php File in the /site/plugins/json-feed folder.

kirby-authenticator - Improved authentication system with 2-step verification for Kirby CMS.

  •    PHP

Improved authentication system with 2-step verification for Kirby CMS. Then you can login, go to https://your-site.com/panel/users/[username]/edit, and scroll to the 2-step verification section. From there you can turn 2-step verification on/off by clicking on the button on the right and following the instructions.

kirby-autogit - Saves every change made via Kirby Panel to a Git repository

  •    PHP

Saves every change made via Kirby Panel to a Git repository. You can use whatever site structure fits your needs better. It doesn't matter whether your content folder is part of the main Git repo or is a submodule. Auto Git is smart enough to only commit changes made inside the content folder.

kirby-blade-template - Laravel Blade template component for Kirby CMS.

  •    PHP

Laravel Blade template component for Kirby CMS. Blade is the simple, yet powerful templating engine provided by Laravel. Unlike other popular PHP templating engines, Blade does not restrict you from using plain PHP code in your views. In fact, all Blade views are compiled into plain PHP code and cached until they are modified, meaning Blade adds essentially zero overhead to your site.

kirby-fuzzy-search - Fuzzy-search plugin for Kirby.

  •    PHP

Fuzzy-search plugin for Kirby. Looking for approximate matches of search queries in your content has never been this easy. This is plugin is built on top of the fuzzget PHP library.

kirby-meta-tags - HTML meta tags generator for Kirby

  •    PHP

HTML meta tags generator for Kirby. Supports Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and JSON Linked Data out of the box. Download the files and place them inside site/plugins/meta-tags.

kirby-xml-sitemap - A flexible & powerful XML Sitemap generator for Kirby CMS

  •    XSLT

After installing the plugin using any of the methods below you should be able to visit https://yoursite.com/sitemap.xml to see an human-readable sitemap without any initial configuration. Download the files and place them inside site/plugins/xml-sitemap.

kirby-device - Comprehensive user agent & device detection for Kirby

  •    PHP

This plugin detects devices (such as desktop, tablet, mobile, tv, cars, console, ..), clients (browsers, feed readers, media players, PIMs, ..) as well as operating systems, brands and models. Unless stated, all getSomething() methods return strings and all isSomething() methods return booleans.

kirby-highlight - Themeable server-side syntax highlighting for Kirby

  •    CSS

This plugin highlights your code snippets server-side - without external dependencies. Now proper classes are added to your code snippets, making them 'themeable'. In order to do so, head over to the styling section. If you want to activate kirby-highlight only on specific domains, read about multi-environment setups.

kirby-sri - Subresource integrity hashing & cache-busting static assets for Kirby

  •    PHP

This plugin generates base64-encoded cryptographic hashes for your css / js files based on their content and adds them to the integrity attribute of their corresponding <link> or <script> elements. It also applies cache-busting / fingerprinting. Enter kirby-sri: Kirby-side generated SRI hashes for safer CDN usage. Read more about CDN integration and Kirby in the docs) or over at Kirby's partner KeyCDN to get started.

kirby-webp - WebP generation for Kirby

  •    PHP

This plugin generates WebP images alongside your uploaded JPGs & PNGs - so you don't have to. WebP is a method of lossy and lossless compression that can be used on a large variety of photographic, translucent and graphical images found on the web. The degree of lossy compression is adjustable so a user can choose the trade-off between file size and image quality. WebP typically achieves an average of 30% more compression than JPEG and JPEG 2000, without loss of image quality (see Comparative Study).

kirby-ecwid-online-store - Everything you need to start selling online on your Kirby site

  •    PHP

If you use the Kirby plugin installer, you can put the URL of this repository (https://github.com/Ecwid/kirby-ecwid-online-store) in it — this will install the Ecwid plugin. For more information about Ecwid, setup instructions and useful tips, visit the Ecwid Help Center: https://support.ecwid.com/ .

kirby-architect - πŸ“ Easily reference Blueprint data from anywhere in your Kirby application.

  •    PHP

Easily reference Blueprint data from anywhere in your Kirby application. For projects where the same field and option labels are shared between the Panel and front-end, this plugin dramatically reduces the amount of duplicated text in your codebase. Generally speaking, it simplifies access of Blueprint data so your templates can stay clean.

kirby-map-field - πŸ—Ί An easy way to use maps and location data in Kirby.

  •    PHP

I've found that adding location data to Kirby CMS forms to be super useful. Unfortunately, this isn't one of the many fields available to us, out of the box.