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BundleFusion - [Siggraph 2017] BundleFusion: Real-time Globally Consistent 3D Reconstruction using Online Surface Re-integration

  •    C++

You are free to use this code with proper attribution in non-commercial applications (Please see License.txt). More information about this project can be found in our paper and project website.

Kinect module for Mayhem


Kinect module

Kinect Gestures for Mayhem


Kinect Gesture for Mayhem is a module written for Mayhem. It implements hand gestures as events.


  •    C++

Using advanced Image Processing techniques along with environment information collected by Kinect this project attempt to create real-time composites.

Kinect Recognizer

  •    DotNet

Kinect Recognizer is a fully reusable component that implements gesture recognition for Microsoft Kinect sensor. The trivial and yet flexible configuration plus the extensible design will allow you to reuse this component with minimum development efforts.

Kinect Depth Smoothing

  •    WPF

Removes noise from the Kinect Depth Frames in real-time using pixel filters and weighted moving average technique


  •    CSharp

Our work with Kpaint has proven to have provide highly accurate results mostly with the exception of occasion jittery of the paint brush. The voice recognition

MRDS Samples


The MRDS Samples site hosts a variety of code samples for Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (RDS).

Atomix for Kinect


Port of Atomix game controlled by Kinect sensor.

Kinect for Windows Samples


The project is hosted by Kinect for windows team. This project hosts almost all the samples from Toolkit.

Kinect for Silverlight

  •    Silverlight

In this project you will find a Silverlight 5 library for the Kinect. This is made possible by using the Silverlight P/Invoke feature which will call the native Kinect SDK v1.0 API. Along with this library, we also made an event system for the most common gestures.

Using the Microsoft Kinect to control GoogleMap

  •    WPF

The project is a WPF application that uses Microsoft Kinect to control google maps. Feel free to learn WPF MVVM pattern and Kinect development from it!


  •    DotNet

.NET 4.0 (C++/CLI) based open source implementation of Microsoft Kinect. Based on OpenNI/NITE

Kinect Button


This project is to help you get started writing WPF applications for the Kinect sensor.

Kinect: Tower Defence

  •    CSharp

Kinect: Tower Defence is a 2D tower defence game programmed in C# using the XNA Framework, played on the PC. It will make use of the Kinect hardware and motion tracking to add more fun to how the game is controlled and played.

Kinect anti theft


Kinect anti theft application.

Teudu: A Kinect Driven Visual Communication System

  •    DotNet

An attempt to leverage the Kinect in NUI for an interactive, metro-styled info-display with live-tiles (ala Windows Phone).

Kinect PowerPoint Control


This project shows how to use the Kinect SDK to do basic gesture recognition to control PowerPoint.

Kinect Touch Device


A simple "WPF4 Touch Device" using Kinect with OpenNI & NITE (written in C#). This project makes it easy to transform your WPF4 touch application in "touch less" with the Kinect with little change : replace "Window" base class by "KinectWindow". Currently the Touch Down ...

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