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use-package - A use-package declaration for simplifying your .emacs

  •    Emacs

Notes for users upgrading to 2.x are located at the bottom. Either clone from this GitHub repository or install from MELPA (recommended).

juliusjs - A speech recognition library for the web

  •    Javascript

Try the live demo. JuliusJS is an opinionated port of Julius to JavaScript. It actively listens to the user to transcribe what they are saying through a callback.


  •    Javascript

Highlight keywords using JavaScript. Intended for every use case. Can e.g. be used to mark text in search results.

sonus - :speech_balloon: /so.nus/ STT (speech to text) for Node with offline hotword detection

  •    Javascript

Sonus lets you quickly and easily add a VUI (Voice User Interface) to any hardware or software project. Just like Alexa, Google Now, and Siri, Sonus is always listening offline for a customizable hotword. Once that hotword is detected your speech is streamed to the cloud recognition service of your choice - then you get the results. Generally, running npm install should suffice. This module however, requires you to install SoX.

retext-keywords - plugin to extract keywords and key-phrases

  •    Javascript

retext plugin to extract keywords and key-phrases. This package is ESM only: Node 12+ is needed to use it and it must be imported instead of required.


  •    JQuery

tagtacular.js is a jQuery tag management plugin designed to be both simple and flexible. Display and manage tags related to a specific entity.

ajv-merge-patch - $merge and $patch keywords for Ajv JSON-Schema validator to extend schemas

  •    Javascript

The keywords $merge and $patch allow to extend the JSON-schemas using patches in the format JSON Merge Patch (RFC 7396) or JSON Patch (RFC 6902).Valid data: { foo: 'a' }, { foo: 'a', bar: { foo: 'b' } } etc.

npm-keyword - Get a list of npm packages with a certain keyword

  •    Javascript

The list of packages will contain a maximum of 250 packages matching the keyword. This limitation is caused by the npm registry API.Returns a promise for a list of packages having the specified keyword in their package.json keyword property.

glossary - [UNMAINTAINED] Extract terms and keywords from a piece of text

  •    Javascript

glossary is standalone and uses part-of-speech analysis to extract the relevant terms. glossary Uses jspos for POS tagging. It's inspired by the python module topia.termextract.

schenkerian - HTML keyword analyzer

  •    Javascript

Schenkerian analysis is a method of musical analysis by interpreting the underlying structure of a tonal work and to help reading the score according to that structure. This library is that, but for HTML built on top of Natural Node which includes term frequency, string similarities, and tokenizing. Given most webpages (attempt) to use the semantics of HTML, it takes into account not only term frequency, but the weight of an HTML tag, placement in document, and other useful forms of denoting significance (like Open Graph).

is-emoji-keyword - Check if a word is a emoji shortcut.

  •    CoffeeScript

Check if a word is a emoji shortcut.

gramophone - Node library to extract keywords from text

  •    Javascript

Extracts most frequently used keywords and phrases from text. It excludes common stop words. It can be configured to extract arbitary length phrases (ngrams) rather than just keywords. Synchronously extracts keywords from the text. By default it returns any keyword phrases that occur more than once. It also removes any common English words. It returns the results reverse ordered by frequency i.e. the first result is the most common phrase.

search-text-tokenizer - Tokenize search keyword text in the same way as Google does.

  •    Javascript

A search query tokeniser inspired by Google. To run the test suite run the following commands in the project directory.

pdfsearch - Search pdf files for keywords.

  •    R

This package defines a few useful functions for keyword searching using the pdftools package developed by rOpenSci. There are currently two functions in this package of use to users. The first keyword_search takes a single pdf and searches for keywords from the pdf. The second keyword_directory does the same search over a directory of pdfs.

angular-jqcloud - AngularJS directive for jQCloud 2 plugin

  •    Javascript

Simple AngularJS directive for jQCloud, a beautiful words cloud generator. Consult jQCloud documentation for full options.

ahocorapy - Pure python Aho-Corasick library.

  •    Python

ahocorapy is a pure python implementation of the Aho-Corasick Algorithm. Given a list of keywords one can check if at least one of the keywords exist in a given text in linear time. We started working on this in the beginning of 2016. Our requirements included unicode support combined with python2.7. That was impossible with C-extension based libraries (like pyahocorasick). Pure python libraries were very slow or unusable due to memory explosion. Since then another pure python library was released py-aho-corasick. The repository also contains some discussion about different implementations. There is also acora, but it includes the note ('current construction algorithm is not suitable for really large sets of keywords') which really was the case the last time I tested, because RAM ran out quickly.

watson-discovery-food-reviews - Combine Watson Knowledge Studio and Watson Discovery to discover customer sentiment from product reviews

  •    Javascript

In this Code Pattern, we walk you through a working example of a web application that queries and manipulates data from the Watson Discovery Service. With the aid of a custom model built with Watson Knowledge studio, the data will have additional enrichments that will provide improved insights for user analysis. This web app contains multiple UI components that you can use as a starting point for developing your own Watson Discovery and Knowledge Studio service applications.

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