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shellen - :cherry_blossom: Interactive shellcoding environment to easily craft shellcodes

  •    Python

Shellen is an interactive shellcoding environment. If you want a handy tool to write shellcodes, then shellen may be your friend. Shellen can also be used as an assembly or disassembly tool. keystone and capstone engines are used for all of shellen's operations.

cemu - Cheap EMUlator: lightweight multi-architecture assembly playground

  •    Python

Writing assembly is fun. Assembly is the lowest language (humanly understandable) available to communicate with computers, and is crucial to understand the internal mechanisms of any machine. Unfortunately, setting up an environment to write, compile and run assembly for various architectures (x86, ARM, MIPS, SPARC) has always been painful. CEmu is an attempt to fix this by providing a bundled GUI application that empowers users to write assembly and test it by compiling it to bytecode and executing it in an QEMU-based emulator. CEmu combines all the advantages of a basic assembly IDE, compilation and execution environment, by relying on the great libraries Keystone, Unicorn and Capstone engines in a Qt powered GUI.

graphql-auto-generating-cms - Use your existing graphQL schema to generate CMS in a couple steps

  •    Javascript

GraphQL CMS will build a fully-functional CMS by just using your printed GraphQL schema without any changes in your existed code or architecture.

storage - Storage

  •    Javascript

Storage API, written entirely in Javascript, allows you to integrate any storage provider within few, single lines.

pifpaf - Python fixtures and daemon managing tools for functional testing

  •    Python

Pifpaf is a suite of fixtures and a command-line tool that allows to start and stop daemons for a quick throw-away usage. This is typically useful when needing these daemons to run integration testing. It originaly evolved from its precussor overtest. Killing the daemon whose PID is contained in $PIFPAF_PID will stop the launched daemon and clean the test environment. You can kill it yourself or use the defined function pifpaf_stop.

Keystone-Rest-API - Creates a RESTful API based on Keystone Lists

  •    Javascript

This extension for Keystone is intended to create a REST API very easy. Also is prepared to output the Documentation for the created API. The Documentation is based on API Blueprint ( Format 1A8 ).

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