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ng-idle - Responding to idle users in AngularJS applications.

  •    Javascript

Angular 2 Developers: This module is for Angular 1 only. Check out ng2-idle for the Angular 2 version. You may wish to detect idle users and respond, for example, to log them out so their sensitive data is protected, or taunt them, or whatever. I don't care.

grunt-express - Start an Express.js web server using grunt.js

  •    Javascript

grunt-express-angular-example is a minimal example that shows how you can use grunt-express to run a basic express server that hosts an Angular app, it is based on @bford's Yeoman generator generator-angular. Run this task with the grunt express command.

node-ka-patch - A library for monkey-patch Node.js to force TCP keep-alive after socket.end()

  •    Javascript

A library for monkey-patch Node.js to force TCP keep-alive after socket.end().

ng2-idle - Responding to idle users in Angular 4+ applications.

  •    TypeScript

A module for responding to idle users in Angular 4+ applications. This is a rewrite of the ng-idle module; however if you are using Angular 1, you must use that module. See LICENSE for licensing details.

node-net-keepalive - Provides high-level access to socket options like TCP_KEEPINTVL and TCP_KEEPCNT

  •    Javascript

The Missing (TCP_KEEPINTVL and TCP_KEEPCNT) SO_KEEPALIVE socket option setters and getters for Node using ffi module. Tested on linux, should work on osx and freebsd. Now using iptables add rule to drop all tcp packets on INPUT chain to port 1337.

bootstrap-session-timeout - Session timeout and keep-alive control with a nice Bootstrap warning dialog

  •    HTML

There have been a number of major upgrades. For example, as long as the user is doing something on the page, he will never get a timeout. The original plugin launched a timeout warning dialog in a fixed amount of time regardless of user activity. See description and documentation for more information. You can easily upgrade from jquery-sessionTimeout-bootstrap to bootstrap-session-timeout, since the basic options have been inherited from jquery-sessionTimeout-bootstrap and have not been renamed.

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