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faust - Python Stream Processing

  •    Python

Faust is a stream processing library, porting the ideas from Kafka Streams to Python. It is used at Robinhood to build high performance distributed systems and real-time data pipelines that process billions of events every day.

strimzi-kafka-operator - Apache Kafka running on Kubernetes and OpenShift

  •    Java

Strimzi provides a way to run an Apache Kafka cluster on Kubernetes or OpenShift in various deployment configurations. See our website for more details about the project. Documentation to the current master branch as well as all releases can be found on our website.

scalatest-embedded-kafka - A library that provides an in-memory Kafka instance to run your tests against

  •    Scala

A library that provides an in-memory Kafka instance to run your tests against. As of version 1.1.1 the library is not dependent anymore on ScalaTest and won't transitively bring ScalaTest into your build.

winton-kafka-streams - A Python implementation of Apache Kafka Streams

  •    Python

Implementation of Apache Kafka's Streams API in Python. Apache Kafka is an open-source stream processing platform developed by the Apache Software Foundation written in Scala and Java. Kafka has Streams API added for building stream processing applications using Apache Kafka. Applications built with Kafka's Streams API do not require any setup beyond the provision of a Kafka cluster.

cp-docker-images - Docker images for Confluent Platform.

  •    Python

Docker images for deploying and running the Confluent Platform. The images are currently available on DockerHub. They are currently only available for Confluent Platform 3.0.1 and after.Full documentation for using the images can be found here.

streamline - StreamLine - Streaming Analytics

  •    Java

Develop and deploy Streaming Analytics applications visually with bindings for streaming engine and multiple source/sinks, rich set of streaming operators and operational lifecycle management. Streaming Analytics Manager makes it easy to develop, monitor streaming applications and also provides analytics of data thats being processed by streaming application.

mockedstreams - Scala Library for Unit-Testing Processing Topologies in Apache Kafka / Kafka Streams

  •    Scala

The records provided to the mocked stream will be submitted to the topology during the test in the order in which they appear in the fixture. You can also submit records multiple times to the same topics, at various moments in your scenario. This can be handy to validate that your topology behaviour is or is not dependent on the order in which the records are received and processed.

twitterstream - Twitter Streaming API Example with Kafka Streams in Scala

  •    Scala

The example application consists of two services written in Scala, an ingestion service (code) and an aggregation service (code). The ingestion service subscribes to the Twitter Streaming API and receives fresh tweets filtered by a list of terms. Any raw tweet is sent to the Kafka topic 'tweets' in JSON. The aggregation service retrieves raw tweets, parses tweets, and aggregates word counts in tumbling time windows, see the code here. Kafka Streams uses an embedded RocksDB for maintaining a local state. Any change to the aggregate will be propagated to the topic 'aggregate'. Both services share the same SBT project, and will be located in the same fat jar including all dependencies. Which allows us to easily share code in this small example project. Both applications access the application.conf in runtime via the Settings object, see code. I wrote a small build script to compile the services, building the Docker images and running the containers.

kafka-streams-clojure - Clojure transducers interface to Kafka Streams

  •    Clojure

This notice will be removed when I believe the API is stable and the library has performed well under heavy loads in real-world use. Kafka Streams is included as a provided dependency, meaning your application will need to include the Kafka Streams JAR as a dependency as well as this library.

tsujun - Yet another Web UI for KSQL

  •    Kotlin

Tsūjun is yet another Web UI for KSQL. This application is using Fetch API and Fetch API's Readable streams. But in Firefox, this feature disabled by default. It can be enabled in about:config.

fdp-modelserver - An umbrella project for multiple implementations of model serving

  •    Scala

-kafkastreamserver - implementation of model scoring and queryable state using Kafka streams Also includes implementation of custom Kafka streams store.


  •    Scala

This repository contains code examples for Kafka Streams API.

kafka-streams-scala - Thin Scala wrapper around Kafka Streams Java API

  •    Scala

Note: Scala API for Kafka Streams have been accepted for inclusion in Apache Kafka. We have been working with the Kafka team since the last couple of months working towards meeting the standards and guidelines for this activity. Lightbend and Alexis Seigneurin have contributed this library (with some changes) to the Kafka community. This is already available on Apache Kafka trunk and will be included in the upcoming release of Kafka. Hence it does not make much sense to update this project on a regular basis. For some time however, we will continue to provide support for fixing bugs only. The design of the library was inspired by the work started by Alexis Seigneurin in this repository.

kafka-with-akka-streams-kafka-streams-tutorial - Code samples for the Lightbend tutorial on writing microservices with Akka Streams, Kafka Streams, and Kafka

  •    Java

NOTE: We strongly recommend using Java 8 with this tutorial. There is an experimental branch latest-dependency-versions that compiles with Java 9, but still has problems running successfully. ©Copyright 2018, Lightbend, Inc. Apache 2.0 License. Please use as you see fit, but attribution is requested.