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ChangeDetection - Automatically track websites changes on Android in background.

  •    Kotlin

This app also showcases all the Android Architecture Components working together: Room, ViewModels, LiveData, Paging, WorkManager and Navigation. The app uses a Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture for the presentation layer. Each of the fragments corresponds to a MVVM View. The View and ViewModel communicate using LiveData and general good principles.

NSoup - NSoup is a

  •    CSharp

NSoup is currently unmaintained. At this time, I am not actively working on this library. However, I will happily accept any help and pull requests, and perhaps return to working on it, should it gain any more traction.

Wodemo-Client - 我的磨(wodemo.com)助手

  •    Java


SyncMarket - Let managing your application version update more simply.

  •    Java

You can manage your application's version update or get your market information more simply. This Library used Jsoup. If your application is not published yet or not connected internet, then return string none or do nothing.

scraper - Scraper example built on Scala, Akka and Jsoup

  •    Scala

Scraper example built on Scala, Akka and Jsoup. It saves all results to XLS file.


  •    Kotlin

skrape{it} is a Kotlin-based HTML testing and web scraping library that can be used seamlessly in both Spring-Boot and other JVM projects. It places particular emphasis on ease of use, a high level of readability and attention to performance through the use of non-blocking operations.

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