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jsonfeed - PHP library for managing JSON Feed — a new format similar to RSS and Atom but in JSON.

  •    PHP

JSONFeed is a pragmatic syndication format, like RSS and Atom, but with one big difference: it’s JSON instead of XML. This library provides functionnalits for mananaging feed through your PHP code. It provides a natural syntax for accessing elements of feed.

JSONFeed - Swift parser for JSON Feed — a new format similar to RSS and Atom but in JSON.

  •    Swift

Parsing a feed is super easy; just pass data from a response when creating a feed object and that's it! Parsing happens upon initialization using JSONSerialization and if all goes well you'll be able to access feed properties. In case initialization parameters are invalid, JSONFeed will throw JSONFeedError. Best way to learn about this library is to browse source files and inline documentation.

JSONFeed - JSONFeed parser for swift

  •    Swift

To install using Swift Package Manager have your Swift package set up, and add JSONFeed as a dependency to your Package.swift.

feed-io - A PHP library to read and write feeds in JSONFeed, RSS or Atom format

  •    PHP

Monolog is not the only library suitable to handle feed-io's logs, you can use any PSR/Log compliant library instead. No problem, you can still install feed-io 3.0. This version will be supported until the end of PHP 5.6 security fixes (31 december 2018).

rss-atom-bundle - RSS and Atom Bundle for Symfony

  •    PHP

You can try rss-atom-bundle through its Demo. That's it. To check the installation, you can start your application and hit http://localhost:8000/rss in your browser. You should see a mock RSS stream.

json-feed-viewer - The world's first JSON feed viewer 🥇

  •    CSS

Install a local Redis server by following these instructions. The app is currently "Heroku deployment"-ready. Feel free to deploy it through other means.

JSONFeed - A Swift encoder and decoder for the JSON Feed format

  •    Swift

A Swift encoder and decoder for the JSON Feed format.

jsonfeed-to-atom - Convert a JSON feed to an atom feed

  •    Javascript

Convert a JSON feed to an atom feed. Coverts a parsed JSON feed into an atom feed. Returns the string of the atom feed.

feedparser - feedparser gem - (universal) web feed parser and normalizer (XML w/ Atom or RSS, JSON Feed, HTML w/ Microformats e

  •    Ruby

October/2017: Added support for attachments / media enclosures in RSS and Atom. June/2017: Added support for reading feeds in HTML with Microformats incl. h-entry, h-feed and others.

feed2json - Convert RSS/Atom feeds to JSONFeed.

  •    Javascript

Converts both RSS and Atom feeds to JSONFeed format. A hosted version exists at feed2json.org. Even though JSON has its problems, it is hundreds of times better than dealing with XML. Therefore, this package is designed to help you convert from RSS or Atom feeds into the JSONFeed format. At that point you know what you have and can deal with it more effectively. It will also convert any non-UTF8 feeds too since JSON is UTF8 by default.