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go-jose - An implementation of JOSE standards (JWE, JWS, JWT) in Go

  •    Go

Package jose aims to provide an implementation of the Javascript Object Signing and Encryption set of standards. This includes support for JSON Web Encryption, JSON Web Signature, and JSON Web Token standards.Disclaimer: This library contains encryption software that is subject to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations. You may not export, re-export, transfer or download this code or any part of it in violation of any United States law, directive or regulation. In particular this software may not be exported or re-exported in any form or on any media to Iran, North Sudan, Syria, Cuba, or North Korea, or to denied persons or entities mentioned on any US maintained blocked list.

OAuthFlows - Salesforce Oauth Flows

  •    Javascript

Create Connected App in your Salesforce instance with callback URL - https://localhost:8081/oauthcallback.html. Make sure to upload server.crt as a digital certificate in connected app. You can use your own certificate as well. Copy consumer key & secret created in connected app and update jwt_consumer_key and client_secret variable defined in Server.js file.

jwx - JSON/JWK/JWS/JWT/Base64 library in SPARK

  •    Ada

JWX is a library for handling JSON data and more. It is implemented in the SPARK programming language and has been proven to contain no runtime errors. As a result, JWX is particularly suited for processing untrusted information. In version 0.5.0 of JWX, parsing of Base64 (RFC 4648) data, JSON (RFC 8259) documents, JSON Web Keys (JWK, RFC 7517) and limited support for JSON Web Signatures (JWS, RFC 7515) and JSON Web Tokens (JWT, RFC 7519) is implemented. In the future, JSON Web Encryption (JWE, RFC 7516) and potentially JSON Schema is anticipated.

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