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hxjsondef - HxJsonDef is command-line app written in Haxe that helps you quickly define a typedef from some arbitrary

  •    Haxe

I found a gist written in ruby that does the same (written by Justin Donaldson) and it inspired to write it in Haxe/Neko. There are some rules you have to keep in mind. For the conversion it best NOT to use null as a value. It will be automatically converted to Dynamic, but if you know what the value will be; remove null and replace with one of the values described below.

json-schema - JSON Schema draft-6 implementation for elm.

  •    Elm

This code is experimental, it doesn't cover json schema spec in full (yet), just allows to parse minimal subset of it in order to implement very basic proof of concept of "type as value" in elm. The end goal of this project is to cover json schema draft 6 spec in full, if you're interested - feel free to pick up some of the open issues and submit PR.