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jquery.terminal - jQuery Terminal Emulator

  •    Javascript

jQuery Terminal Emulator is a plugin for creating command line interpreters in your applications. It can automatically call JSON-RPC service when a user types commands or you can provide you own function in which you can parse user commands. It's ideal if you want to provide additional functionality for power users. It can also be used to debug your application. You can create an interpreter for your JSON-RPC service with one line of code (just use url as first argument).

hyperf - 🚀 A coroutine framework that focuses on hyperspeed and flexibility

  •    PHP

Hyperf is an extremely performant and flexible PHP CLI framework based on Swoole 4.5+, powered by the state-of-the-art coroutine server and a large number of battle-tested components. Aside from the decisive benchmark outmatching against PHP-FPM frameworks, Hyperf also distinct itself by its focus on flexibility and composability. Hyperf ships with an AOP-enabling dependency injector to ensure components and classes are pluggable and meta programmable. All of its core components strictly follow the PSR standards and thus can be used in other frameworks. Hyperf's architecture is built upon the combination of Coroutine, Dependency injection, Events, Annotation, AOP (aspect-oriented programming). Core components provided by Hyperf can be used out of the box in coroutine context. The set includes but not limited to: MySQL coroutine client, Redis coroutine client, WebSocket server and client, JSON RPC server and client, gRPC server and client, Zipkin/Jaeger (OpenTracing) client, Guzzle HTTP client, Elasticsearch client, Consul client, ETCD client, AMQP component, Apollo configuration center, Aliyun ACM, ETCD configuration center, Token bucket algorithm-based limiter, Universal connection pool, Circuit breaker, Swagger, Swoole Tracker, Snowflake, Simply Redis MQ, RabbitMQ, NSQ, Nats, Seconds level crontab, Custom Processes, etc. Be assured Hyperf is still a PHP framework. You will also find familiar packages such as Middleware, Event Manager, Coroutine optimized Eloquent ORM (And Model Cache!), Translation, Validation, View engine (Blade/Smarty/Twig/Plates/ThinkTemplate) and more at your command.

JsonRPC - Simple Json-RPC PHP client/server that just works.

  •    PHP

A simple Json-RPC client/server that just works. Middleware might be used to authenticate and authorize the client. They are executed before each procedure.

web3swift - Elegant Web3js functionality in Swift

  •    Swift

Web3swift requires Swift 4.1 and iOS 9.0 or macOS 10.13 although we recommend to use the latest iOS and MacOS versions for your own safety. Don't forget to set the iOS version in a Podfile, otherwise you get an error if the deployment target is less than the latest SDK. Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that builds your dependencies and provides you with binary frameworks.

widebullet - Widebullet is an API gateway with JSON-RPC

  •    Go

Widebullet is JSON-RPC base API gateway server. It implements JSON-RPC batch endpoints with extended format for HTTP REST requests (see SPEC). For example, it receives one single JSON-RPC array which defines multiple HTTP requests and converts it into multiple concurrent HTTP requests. If you have multiple backend microservices and need to request them at same time for one transaction, Widebullet simplifies it.Production ready.

vs-streamjsonrpc - The StreamJsonRpc library offers JSON-RPC 2

  •    CSharp

StreamJsonRpc is a cross-platform, .NET portable library that implements the JSON-RPC wire protocol.Its transport is a standard System.IO.Stream so you can use it with any transport.

atom-languageclient - Language Server Protocol support for Atom (the basis of Atom-IDE)

  •    Javascript

Provide integration support for adding Language Server Protocol servers to Atom.Language Server Protocol (LSP) is a JSON-RPC based mechanism whereby a client (IDE) may connect to an out-of-process server that can provide rich analysis, refactoring and interactive features for a given programming language.

HumusAmqp - PHP 7 AMQP library

  •    PHP

PHP 7 AMQP libray supporting multiple drivers and providing full-featured Consumer, Producer, and JSON-RPC Client / Server implementations. The JSON-RPC part implements JSON-RPC 2.0 Specification.

json-rpc - A simple JavaScript library to create, parse and manage JSON-RPC 2.0 calls.

  •    Javascript

A simple JavaScript library to create, parse and manage JSON-RPC 2.0 calls. This library may be particularly useful to use the JSON-RPC specification inconjunction with something like Socket.io.

jsonrpc-serializer - A simple library to serialize and deserialize JSON-RPC messages

  •    Javascript

This is a simple library to perform serialization/deserialization of JSON-RPC 2.0 messages. It has full support for Date and Error objects, comforms to the JSON-RPC 2.0 specifications, and allows plugins (in the near future) to extend the library. JSON-RPC 2.0 is transport agnostic, but unfortunately this is not the case for most JSON-RPC modules in the NPM. Thus, when I needed a library to use JSON-RPC 2.0 over hook.io and 0MQ, I ran into a brick wall, and ended up writing this library.

simple - Simple Node.js JSON REST/RPC server secured by Object Capability

  •    CoffeeScript

To provide simple means to write thin JSON REST/RPC server with built-in security based on Object Capability. Most of existing similar projects are about providing sugar to do routing and/or template rendering, paying no or little attention to security. Simple talks just JSON REST/RPC. All rendering is drawn as client-side task. I strongly suggest to look at Backbone as client-side MVC.


  •    Javascript

Mopidy.js is a JavaScript library that is installed as a part of Mopidy's HTTP frontend or from npm. The library makes Mopidy's core API available from the browser or a Node.js environment, using JSON-RPC messages over a WebSocket to communicate with Mopidy. You may need to adjust hostname and port for your local setup.

jsonrpc - JSON-RPC 2.0 server/client for Common Lisp.

  •    Common

JSON-RPC 2.0 server/client for Common Lisp. Licensed under the BSD 2-Clause License.

json-rpc - 🔁 JSON-RPC 1/2 transport implementation. Supports python 2/3 and pypy.

  •    Python

JSON-RPC2.0 and JSON-RPC1.0 transport specification implementation. Supports Python 2.6+, Python 3.3+, PyPy. Has optional Django and Flask support. 200+ tests. This implementation does not have any transport functionality realization, only protocol. Any client or server implementation is easy based on current code, but requires transport libraries, such as requests, gevent or zmq, see examples.


  •    Python

A simple library to stream blocks and operations for digesting into other mediums. Adapters can be added and configured to allow access to other similar blockchains.

junior - PHP client/server library for JSON-RPC 2.0

  •    PHP

Junior is JSON-RPC 2.0 viable and follows the JSON-RPC spec as of March 2012. It supports batching, named parameters, and notifications. Yes, and this is the recommended method to deploy it.

reflectrpc - Self-describing JSON-RPC services made easy

  •    Python

ReflectRPC is a Python library implementing an RPC client and server using the JSON-RPC 1.0 protocol. What sets it apart from most other such implementations is that it allows the client to get a comprehensive description of the functions exposed by the server. This includes type information of parameters and return values as well as human readable JavaDoc-like descriptions of all fields. To retrieve this information the client only has to call the special RPC function __describe_functions and it will get a data structure containing the whole description of all RPC functions provided by the server. This ability to use reflection is utilized by the included JSON-RPC shell rpcsh. It can connect to every JSON-RPC server serving line terminated JSON-RPC 1.0 over a plain socket and can be used to call RPC functions on the server and display the results. If the server implements the __describe_functions interface it can also list all RPC functions provided by the server and show a description of the functions and their parameters.

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