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vscode-json-to-js-object - VSCode extension for converting JSON objects to JavaScript objects

  •    TypeScript

This extension converts a JSON object to JavaScript object in Visual Studio Code. This extension is available for free in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

rec2json - Compile erlang record definitions into modules to convert them to/from json easily.

  •    Erlang

Rec2json is a parse transform that takes a module which defines a record of the same name and adds to_json, from_json, and introspection functions. The to_json and from_json convert to and from the map based format used by jsx and other json encoding and decoding libraries. The rec2json parse_transform looks for a record with the same name as the module. It doesn't matter whether the record was defined directly in the module or in an include file.

hcl-to-json - HCL to JSON converter in CoffeeScript

  •    CoffeeScript

HCL to JSON converter for JS applications. HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language) is a configuration language built by HashiCorp. The goal of HCL is to build a structured configuration language that is both human and machine friendly for use with command-line tools, but specifically targeted towards DevOps tools, servers, etc.

json-2-kotlin - Convert JSON to Kotlin Data Classes

  •    Kotlin

As you've probably guessed by now, this project automatically converts JSON to Kotlin source files. The tool itself is implemented 100% in Kotlin, and makes heavy use of Square's excellent KotlinPoet library. Read the blog post which covers how this multi-platform tool was written.

torsimany - 💡✏️️ ⬇️️ JSON to Markdown converter - Generate Markdown from format independent JSON

  •    Python

Translate any JSON file to stylish, human-readable Markdown. Torsimany uses standard modules already included with your fresh python installation.

crossplane - Quick and reliable way to convert NGINX configurations into JSON and back.

  •    Python

This command will take a path to a main NGINX config file as input, then parse the entire config into the schema defined below, and dumps the entire thing as a JSON payload. Since crossplane is usually used to create payloads that are sent to different servers, it's important to keep security in mind. For that reason, the --ignore option was added. It can be used to keep certain sensitive directives out of the payload output entirely.

json2typescript - Convert JSON to TypeScript with secure type checking!

  •    TypeScript

In Angular 2 applications, everyone consumes JSON API's from an external source. Type checking and object mapping is only possible in TypeScript, but not in the JavaScript runtime. As the API may change at any point, it is important for larger projects to verify the consumed data. json2typescript is a small package containing a helper class that maps JSON objects to an instance of a TypeScript class. After compiling to JavaScript, the result will still be an instance of this class. One big advantage of this approach is, that you can also use methods of this class.