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dox - JavaScript documentation generator for node using markdown and jsdoc

  •    Javascript

Dox is a JavaScript documentation generator written with node. Dox no longer generates an opinionated structure or style for your docs, it simply gives you a JSON representation, allowing you to use markdown and JSDoc-style tags.This output can then be passed to a template for rendering. Look below at the "Properties" section for details.

yuidoc - YUI Javascript Documentation Tool

  •    HTML

YUI's JavaScript Documentation engine. YUIDoc is a Node.js application used at build time to generate API documentation for JavaScript code. YUIDoc is comment-driven and supports a wide range of JavaScript coding styles. The output of YUIDoc is API documentation formatted as a set of HTML pages including information about methods, properties, custom events and inheritance for JavaScript objects.

tsdoc - A doc comment standard for the TypeScript language

  •    TypeScript

We are developing a library package @microsoft/tsdoc that provides an open source reference implementation of a parser. Using this library is an easy way to ensure that your tool is 100% compatible with the standard. These are just examples. Many other tools in today's web developer community want to interact with TypeScript doc comments. Each of these tools accepts a syntax that is loosely based on JSDoc, but encounters frustrating incompatibilities when attempting to coexist with other parsers.

documentation.js - Documentation for modern JavaScript

  •    Javascript

documentation.js is a documentation tool for mordern JavaScript. It Supports modern JavaScript: ES5, ES2017, JSX, Vue and Flow type annotations. It provides customizable output: HTML, JSON, Markdown, and more.

ESDoc - Good Documentation for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

ESDoc is a documentation generator for JavaScript. It generates good documentation. It can measure documentation coverage, Integrate test codes into documentation, Parse ECMAScript proposals.

grunt-jsdoc - A grunt plugin to generate javascript doc by running jsdoc3 on your grunt projects.

  •    Javascript

This plugin enables you to integrate the generation of comments based documentation into your Grunt build. This plugin is a wrapper around jsdoc3. Please refer to the documentation for the documentation details.


  •    Javascript

ECMADoc generates professionally looking API documentation out of ECMAScript family of languages, such as JScript and JavaScript. Using the well known JDoc documentation format, developers can embed documentation right within the source code. This project is developed in C#.


  •    Javascript

The goal of this project is to convert VSDoc JavaScript comments of JayData classes to JSDoc comment format. Using this tool you can generate the API reference of your JayData components and keep your JavaScript documentation up-to-date.


  •    Javascript

Ever wondered how to get annotation for JavaScript if you use a module loading system like require.js? Use this small script to create stub files that can be used by nearly all IDE's, even Visual Studio and Eclipse. This is a small Javascript that creates namespaces and prop...

vim-jsdoc - Generate JSDoc to your JavaScript code.

  •    Vim

jsdoc.vim generates JSDoc block comments based on a function signature. Depending on your configuration, jsdoc.vim will prompt for description, @return type and description. It will also prompt you for types and descriptions for each function @param.

whatsupdoc - Out of service — A pure JavaScript inline JavaScript documentation parser and formatter CommonJS package

  •    Javascript

A CommonJS package that provides a plugable architecture for parsing and formatting inline CommonJS JavaScript module inline reference documentation, parsing a notation similar to jsdoc.Status: under construction.

tui.jsdoc-template - TUI JSDoc Template, Demo: https://nhnent.github.io/tui.jsdoc-template/latest/

  •    Javascript

api defaults to the value API and tutorials defaults to the value Examples.styles/custom.css, styles/another.css, and remote.css get included in the layout. default.staticFiles is the build-in jsdoc way of copying extra files.

ember-cli-jsdoc - An Ember CLI addon to generate HTML documentation from JSDoc comments in the source code

  •    Javascript

An Ember CLI addon to generate HTML documentation from JSDoc comments in the source code.Run ember ember-cli-jsdoc anytime you wish to generate the documentation. You can then access this generated documentation at http://localhost:4200/docs.

doclets - Hosted automated jsdoc API documentation

  •    Javascript

Adding users/repos does not work with the local server :( This is due to GitHub WebHook configuration and GitHub OAuth wich require fix urls.

atom-easy-jsdoc - JSDoc hot key for atom editor.

  •    Javascript

Control-Shift-d or Control-Shift-j to add comment templates. To add comments for any piece of code, position the cursor anywhere on the line preceding the line you wish to comment on.

jsdoc3-parser - Get the AST of a file using JSDoc3's parser

  •    Javascript

JSDoc is not currently available as a library, so there's no clean way to access its parser. You can't require('jsdoc'), so you have to hack around it by using the jsdoc binary's -X option and parsing the output. This is a wrapper around that process.

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