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gantry5 - :rocket: Next Generation Template / Theme Framework

  •    PHP

Ready to get started with Gantry 5? That's great! We are here to help. On this page, you will get some quick tips to help you hit the ground running with Gantry 5. You can find more detailed documentation for each of these tips by clicking the Learn More button at the bottom of each section.

CMSScan - CMS Scanner: Scan Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, vBulletin websites for Security issues

  •    CSS

Scan Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, vBulletin websites for Security issues. CMSScan provides a centralized Security Dashboard for CMS Security scans. It is powered by wpscan, droopescan, vbscan and joomscan. It supports both on demand and scheduled scans and has the ability to sent email reports.

CMSeeK - CMS Detection and Exploitation suite - Scan WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and 130 other CMSs

  •    Python

A content management system (CMS) manages the creation and modification of digital content. It typically supports multiple users in a collaborative environment. Some noteable examples are: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. CMSeeK is built using python3, you will need python3 to run this tool and is compitable with unix based systems as of now. Windows support will be added later. CMSeeK relies on git for auto-update so make sure git is installed.



Cms made with c# (using NET framework 3.5, SqlServer2005 or Express edition) with many Joomla-like features.

joomla-entity - Semantical API for Joomla!

  •    PHP

This library is intended to help developers to use Joomla! core classes with a logical/semantical entity structure. The main goal is DX (Developer Experience) to reduce the learning curve for novice developers and save time for experienced ones. It provides an API for core extensions but its structure can be used and extended by any third party extension in minutes.

joomla-gulp - A Gulp build system for Joomla!

  •    Javascript

A modern build system for Joomla! extension developers. Most Joomla! extensions out there still use a Phing based build system that does the job but without using the latest technologies. Gulp is a modern Node.JS based build system, incredibly fast and easy to understand because it uses javascript code.

joomla-twig - Twig 2

  •    PHP

After integrating Twig with some projects I found the need to create some kind of standard package that can be used & extended by anbody at any project. See https://phproberto.github.io/joomla-twig/ for detailed documentation.

jUpgradePro - jUpgradePro an extension that help Joomla! users to migrate or move their data.

  •    PHP

Read data directly from the database. This method allows you to migrate data between two installations of Joomla! by webservices, which adds ease when setting the extension.

com_api - API framework for Joomla

  •    Javascript

API framework for Joomla


  •    PHP

The hierarchy management extension is a horizontal(Infrastructure) extension by Techjoomla that allows you to set general or context specific hierarchial relations between users. This can be used by other extensions to manage special access control, generate reports and so on. Donwload the code. Package it as a Zip and install it using the Joomla extension manager.

com_tjreports - Reporting Tool For Joomla

  •    PHP

TJ Reports is a horizontal/Infrastructure extension for Joomla that allows developers to develop reporting plugins with ease along with providing extensive reporting capabilities in their extensions. Features include extension specific and multi extension reports, Report default configuration, Report customisation and CSV exports to name a few. Please refer the Wiki for documentation on how to create your own Reporting plugins and integrate it with your extensions.

com_tjucm - Universal Content Manager (UCM) extension for Joomla

  •    PHP

Universal Content Manager (UCM) extension for Joomla. Uses TJFields for fields management.

nodejs-joomla - A Node.js module that connects to Joomla

  •    Javascript

This module assumes you have an existing Joomla installation and wish to connect to it. The constructor takes either a path to the root of the Joomla installation, or a JavaScript object literal with the configuration details. When the module connects to the database, it executes the callback function you pass in. You can also clone this repository into your node_modules directory.

jce - JCE - A Content Editor for Joomla

  •    PHP

JCE is a WYSIWYG editor for Joomla based on the Moxiecode / Ephox Tinymce WYSIWYG Editor. The latest installable version can be found in the Releases section.

JlContentFieldsFilter - Модуль фильтрации материалов Joomla по дополнительным полям

  •    PHP

Модуль фильтрации материалов Joomla по дополнительным полям. Поддерживает типы полей text, radio, list, checkboxes. Пока дистрибутив не собран вы можете собрать его и установить модуль и плагин сами. Для этого скачайте ветку master (архивом), установите полученный архив, опубликуйте плагин, опубликуйте и настройте модуль.

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