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micro-server - Microserver is a Java 8 native, zero configuration, standards based, battle hardened library to run Java Rest Microservices via a standard Java main class

  •    Java

Microserver is a Java 8 native, zero configuration, standards based, battle hardened library to run Java Rest Microservices via a standard Java main class. Supporting pure Microservice or Micro-monolith styles.

rest-in-action - REST in Action 《REST 实战》。基于 Jersey 构建 RESTful 服务。


REST in Action 《REST 实战》。基于 Jersey 构建 RESTful 服务。

aws-serverless-java-container - A Java wrapper to run Spring, Jersey, Spark, and other apps inside AWS Lambda

  •    Java

The aws-serverless-java-container is collection of interfaces and their implementations that let you run Java application written with frameworks such as Jersey or Spark in AWS Lambda.The library contains a core artifact called aws-serverless-java-container-core that defines the interfaces and base classes required as well as default implementation of the Java servlet HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse. The library also includes two initial implementations of the interfaces to support Jersey apps (aws-serverless-java-container-jersey) and Spark (aws-serverless-java-container-spark).

Jax-RS-Performance-Comparison - :zap: Performance Comparison of Jax-RS implementations and embedded containers

  •    Java

Gajotres have written an article: Top 8 Java RESTful Micro Frameworks. He listed 8 best light weight Java RESTful framework. Personally, I perfer jax-rs implementations and micro frameworks for deploying applications as micro services and those micro services can be deployed in docker containers.You can check the test result and the performancre chart.

atmosphere-vertx - Atmosphere for Vert.x

  •    Java

atmosphere-vertx: A HTTP/WebSocket server powered by Atmosphere and Vert.x Framework

grpc-jersey - gRPC<->Jersey bridge

  •    Java

protoc plugin for compiling gRPC RPC services as Jersey/REST endpoints. Uses the HttpRule annotations also used by the grpc-gateway project to drive resource generation. grpc-jersey requires a minimum of Java 8 at this time.

java-rest-versioning - Reasoning about HTTP API versioning with examples

  •    Java

This text describes the reasoning and deployment layout for the sample service implemented in this project. The 11th October 2011 Peter Krantz @peterkz_swe posted a link to an article on versioning REST API:s to which I responded and we had a lengthy chat on the pros and cons of using custom media types to version services.

aws-lambda-servlet - AWS Lambda adapter for Java's Servlets (and Jersey in particular, JAX-RS implementation)

  •    Java

The idea behind this little adapter is to have a way of running APIs implemented in Java on AWS Lambda. This apadater basically takes the incoming Lambda Event and transform it to an HTTP Servet Request and pass it directly to the given servlet. No http server is used in this process. Then you just deploy ExampleAdapter as a Lambda function and expose it through API Gateway.

jrestless - Run JAX-RS applications on AWS Lambda using Jersey

  •    Java

JRestless allows you to create serverless applications using JAX-RS. JRestless is a framework allowing you to build serverless JAX-RS applications or rather to run JAX-RS applications in FasS (Function as a Service) environments like AWS Lambda. This is achieved by providing a generic Jersey container that handles requests in the form of POJOs. For each FaaS environment there is a separate module acting as an integration layer between the actual environment and the generic Jersey container.

jrestless-examples - JRestless Examples

  •    Java

This repository contains examples for JRestlesss. JRestless does not depend on the serverless framework but it simplifies the necessary AWS configuration tremendously. So all examples contain a serverless configuration and the installation descriptions assume you have serverless installed and configured.

hikaku - A library that tests if the implementation of a REST-API meets its specification.

  •    Kotlin

Hikaku (比較) is japanese and means "comparison". This library tests if a REST-API implementation meets its specification. Please refer to the list of all features. To check the feature support for each converter. It is possible that not every converter supports every feature. Only the intersection of the features of two EndpointConverters is used for the matching. Please keep that in mind regarding the equality of implementation and specification.

wavefront-jersey-sdk-java - Collect Jersey Metrics, Histograms and Spans

  •    Java

Instruments Jersey-compliant APIs to send telemetry data to Wavefront from Java applications.

spring-boot-jetty-jersey - A POC with Spring boot, embedded Jetty, web-content and Jersey REST services

  •    Java

This repository contains a simple example of how to build a Spring-Boot based executable web application using an embedded Jetty and Jersey 2 JAX-RS implementation.

kafka-streams-interactive-queries - Interactive Queries in Kafka Streams

  •    Java

Practical example for Interactive Queries feature in Kafka Streams. It covers the DSL API and how the state store information was exposed via a REST service.

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