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fabric8-pipeline-library - Fabric8 Pipeline for Jenkins

  •    Groovy

This git repository contains a library of reusable Jenkins Pipeline steps and functions that can be used in your Jenkinsfile to help improve your Continuous Delivery pipeline.The idea is to try promote sharing of scripts across projects where it makes sense.

fabric8-platform - Generates the distribution of the fabric8 microservices platform

  •    Shell

From version 4.x onwards of the fabric8 platform there are a core set of shared services which are shared by all users then a set of services created for each user/team which we refer to as tenant services.Each user/team can get their own Jenkins, Che and Content Repository.

archi_cloudnative - Cloud Native Architectural Models using Archi


Cloud Native Architectural Models using Archi. Contains models for CAAS, Cloud Native Applications, 12/15 Factor Applications with CI/CD/CS, monitoring and log management. Infrastructure components include Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Storage, Red Hat Cloudforms, Red Hat JBoss Java Web Server, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Server, Red Hat JBoss Business Rules Management, Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization and Red Hat Ansible. Includes material and architectural thinking from the following books. The Archi® modelling tool is targeted toward all levels of Enterprise Architects and Modellers. It provides a low cost to entry solution to users who may be making their first steps in the ArchiMate modelling language, or who are looking for a free, cross-platform ArchiMate modelling tool for their company or institution and wish to engage with the language within a TOGAF® or other Enterprise Architecture framework.

jenkins-operator - Kubernetes native Jenkins Operator

  •    Go

Jenkins operator is a Kubernetes native operator which fully manages Jenkins on Kubernetes. It was built with immutability and declarative configuration as code in mind. The main reason why we decided to write the jenkins-operator is the fact that we faced a lot of problems with standard Jenkins deployment. We want to make Jenkins more robust, suitable for dynamic and multi-tenant environments.

docker-for-all - Docker applied in development, devops, testing, product management etc.

  •    Ruby

Every industry is undergoing significant fast-paced changes with the disruption of technologies, that were once only in our imagination. Software and Hardware democratization, open source, internet as information equalizer, crowd collaboration, MOOC, IoT - the list is unending. As a technologist and having deep respect for the effort that engineers put in, I feel an obligation to contribute to the democratization. Contrary to the belief of folks who live in the fear that "machines will overtake the world!", I believe that machines and automation will actually make the world better, efficient and exciting to live in. Even if that were NOT the case, the solution would be NOT to fear, but step up your game and get ahead of machines (Do you have another option?). So regardless, I feel we should embrace technologies with optimism and view machines as complementing human skills.

croc-hunter-jenkinsx - Croc Hunter demo, deployed with Jenkins X

  •    Go

Then, any PRs against this repo will be automatically deployed to preview environments. When they are merged they will be deployed to the staging environment. Original work by Lachlan Evenson Continuation of the awesome work by everett-toews.

my-bloody-jenkins - Self Configured Jenkins Docker image based on Jenkins-LTS

  •    Groovy

My Bloody Jenkins is a re-distribution of the Official LTS Jenkins Docker image bundled with most popular plugins and ability to configure most aspects of Jenkins from a simple and single source of truth represented as YAML. The image can get the configuration from several data sources such as: File, S3, Environment Variable, HTTP, Kubernetes ConfigMap and Kubernetes Secret.

helm-release - Helm Plugin for automatic versioning of helm charts

  •    Go

Provides simple semantic versioning based from previous git tags. This allows you to run a single command and package the next version of your chart. This project allows you to combine your Dockerfile and Helm Chart in a single repository and automatically version the Helm chart on a build.


  •    Shell

Custom Jenkins JNLP slave for the Kubernetes Plugin for Jenkins based on the official JNLP agent image from Jenkins. Starting from the base image I added the Docker client in order to build any kind of project and kubectl to update the application on the cluster.

apollo - Apollo - The logz.io continuous deployment solution over kubernetes

  •    Java

Apollo is a simple, lightweight, Continuous Deployment (CD) solution on top of Kubernetes. Apollo can integrate with any existing building process you might have in place. All you need to do is notify it of a ready artifact, and that's it. Apollo also provides restricted access on top of Kubernetes. Each user has fine-grained permissions, to ensure safe deployments.

GitWebhookProxy - A proxy to let webhooks reach running services behind a firewall

  •    Go

The GitWebhookProxy can be deployed with vanilla manifests or Helm Charts. For Vanilla manifests, you can either first clone the respository or download the deployments/kubernetes/gitwebhookproxy.yaml file only.

helm-charts - A curated set of Helm charts brought to you by codecentric

  •    Smarty

This repo collects a set of Helm charts curated by codecentric. Helm must be installed and initialized to use the charts. Please refer to Helm's documentation to get started.