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Eclipse OpenJ9 - A Java Virtual Machine for OpenJDK that's optimized for small footprint, fast start-up, and high throughput

  •    Java

Eclipse OpenJ9 is an independent implementation of a Java Virtual Machine. "Independent implementation" means it was built using the Java Virtual Machine specification without using any code from any other Java Virtual Machine. The OpenJ9 JVM combines with the Java Class libraries from OpenJDK to create a complete JDK tuned for footprint, performance, and reliability that is well suited for cloud deployments.

SapMachine - An OpenJDK release maintained and supported by SAP

  •    Java

This project contains a downstream version of the OpenJDK project. It is used to build and maintain a SAP supported version of OpenJDK for SAP customers and partners who wish to use OpenJDK to run their applications.

ansible-role-universal-java - Ansible Role for Installing Java JDK - Oracle or Open

  •    Shell

This is intended to install a jdk on almost any system. Since JAVA_HOME is dependent on the operating system, this role effectively puts it in place for almost all builds however as it is included dynamically that means that it will not be able to be called from other roles.

bootstrap-akka-graphql.g8 - g8 bootstrap template for akka microservices with an graphql endpoint

  •    Scala

This is a boilerplate template for a akka graphql microservice with slick and flyway database migration. You can use it to create your own GraphQL Services on top of the lightbend stack. For launching application in Docker, you must configure database docker instance and run docker image, generated by sbt.