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wizardwarz - WebGL Multiplayer game with NodeJS backend

  •    Javascript

WizardWarz is a ThreeJS WebGL/Javascript multiplayer shoot-em-up game. It has unique generated maps with a NodeJS backend where maps are generated and it also supports multiplayer.

blitz-tactics - Fast-paced chess tactics trainer

  •    Ruby

Solve every puzzle quickly and precisely to unlock the next level.

p2p-bomberman - An implementation for a multiplayer Bomberman Game via WebRTC Peer to Peer Communication using peer

  •    Javascript

This is an implementation of the popular bomberman game for browsers using HTML5. The interesting thing is, that it uses most recent WebRTC technology to allow playing multiplayer games via a direct peer to peer (i.e. browser to browser) communication. You can try out the game on a demostration server. Just create a new multiplayer game and let other players connect to you, using your PlayerID. Of course you can also connect to yourself in a new browser window. Up to 4 players can play in one game.

badsanta - BadSanta - Multiplayer HTML5 Game (http://santa.qake.se)

  •    Javascript

Bad Santa - Multiplayer HTML5 Game (http://santa.qake.se) made with phaser and nodejs. Creates a "dist" directory with everything needed.

expo-three - Utilities for using THREE.js on Expo

  •    RPC

ExpoTHREE.AR is not the same as Expo.AR. Think of Expo.AR as a data provider for ExpoTHREE.AR to visualize. Given a gl from an Expo.GLView, return a THREE.WebGLRenderer that draws into it.

Expo-Nitro-Roll - A cross-platform video game built with Expo and three.js!

  •    Javascript

Add then create the Secret.js which will contain your firebase config. Then go to the Firebase Console and create a Web App.

ncurses-arcade - A collection of command line games built with ncurses.

  •    C

A collection of command line games, built with ncurses. A small ASCII endless runner, originally created for the Apollo 11 GC Game Jam. Also available as an iframe-able browser game in the web branch.

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