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android-classyshark - Executables (apk, multi-dex, jar) browser for Android, Java and Kotlin

  •    Java

ClassyShark is a standalone binary inspection tool for Android developers. It can reliably browse any Android executable and show important info such as class interfaces and members, dex counts and dependencies. ClassyShark supports multiple formats including libraries (.dex, .aar, .so), executables (.apk, .jar, .class) and all Android binary XMLs: AndroidManifest, resources, layouts etc.To run, grab the latest JAR and run java -jar ClassyShark.jar.

Capsule - Dead-Simple Packaging and Deployment for JVM Apps

  •    Java

Capsule is a packaging and deployment tool for JVM applications. A capsule is a single executable JAR that contains everything your application needs to run either in the form of embedded files or as declarative metadata. It can contain your JAR artifacts, your dependencies and resources, native libraries, the require JRE version, the JVM flags required to run the application well, Java or native agents and more. In short, a capsule is a self-contained JAR that knows everything there is to know about how to run your application the way it's meant to run.

nar - node

  •    LiveScript

Idiomatic application packager utility for node.js to create self-contained executable applications that are ready-to-ship-and-run.nar provides built-in support for creating, extracting, installing and running applications easily from a simple configuration through a featured command-line interface or evented programmatic API.

tough-cookie - RFC6265 Cookies and CookieJar for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Why the name? NPM modules cookie, cookies and cookiejar were already taken. Support for versions of node.js will follow that of the request module.

JAR2EXE Converter


This program will help you easily convert a JAR file (MIDP application, such as Nokia Mobile Games) to an EXE file (Win32 NHAL Emulator). You can run the midlets just like what the execution files running on Windows platform. - Language: VB.NET - IDE: Visual Studio 2005

SwipeActionAdapter - The Mailbox-like Swipe gesture library for Android

  •    Java

SwipeActionAdapter is a library that provides a simple API to create Mailbox-like action when swiping in a ListView. The idea is to make it simple enough to implement while still providing sufficient options to allow you to integrate it with the design of your application.Support for Android 4.0 and up. It might work on lower API versions, but I haven't tested it and I don't intend to make any effort in that direction.

eta-ffi - A command line tool to automate the generation of ffi import code for the bindings of various Java libraries

  •    Haskell

eta-ffi is a Eta source code generator for Java FFI bindings.This repo is under active development.

yar - A hapi session manager

  •    Javascript

The yar Hapi plugin adds friendly session support to Hapi - a persistent state across multiple browser requests using an iron encrypted cookie and server-side storage. yar tries to fit session data into a session cookie based on a configured maximum size. If the content is too big to fit, it uses server storage via the hapi plugin cache interface.There's another project called Hapi-Auth-Cookie that achieves similar ends to yar. The approach of the two projects does differ in some regards, though.

selenium-server-standalone-jar - A jarfile, so you don't need to include it in your repository

  •    Javascript

This repository includes a jarfile. It points to it. This repository has no advice as to how to run the jar. Other libraries should fill that void; they can depend on this library to keep things simple.

db-cookie-store - Store cookies in db (sequelize ORM) for tough cookie library

  •    Javascript

db-cookie-store - this is database based store for cookie management library tough cookie. The library uses ORM Sequelize and allow store cookies in databases which are supported by sequelize: MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL. this means cookies attribute key will be writed(or readed) to the column key with type TEXT, cookies attribute expires will be writed to the column expires with type INTEGER, etc. Supported all options which supported by sequalize define method.

jarzilla - Java jar file viewer for Mac

  •    Java

Jarzilla allows you to view most kinds of zip files, with a focus on inspecting the contents of java jar files.

ApkDiffPatch - Zip(Jar,Apk) file by file Diff & Patch C++ library, create minimal differential, support apk v2 sign & Jar sign(apk v1)

  •    C++

release the diffData for update oldZip; your apk use v2 sign(or need ZipPatch result byte by byte equal)? Released newZip := AndroidSDK#apksigner(ApkNormalized(newZip)) before ZipDiff, AND You should not modify the zlib version (unless it is certified compatible). ok , get the newZip; ZipPatch() requires 4*(decompress stream memory) + ref old decompress memory + O(1), also ref old decompress can use temp disk file without memory.

android-gradle-aspectj - gradle plug-in adding supports of AspectJ into Android project

  •    Kotlin

A Gradle plugin which enables AspectJ for Android builds. Supports writing code with AspectJ-lang in .aj files and in java-annotation style. Full support of Android product flavors and build types. Support Kotlin, Groovy, Scala and any other languages that compiles into java bytecode. This plugin is completely friendly with APT (Android Annotation Processing Tools) and Retrolambda project (but Java 8 not supported in .aj files). AndroidAnnotations, Dagger are also supported and works fine.

Jcoder - Java Dynamic code or JAR , publish you Api or Schedule in flying

  •    Javascript

Java Dynamic code or JAR , publish you Api or Schedule in flying

NSS - UDPSpeed-socket5 =>tcpspeed

  •    Java


findjars - Gradle plugin to debug classpath issues

  •    Kotlin

Findjars is a gradle plugin that helped Criteo debugging classpath issues when migrating from maven to gradle. More precisely, let's take as example the following build.gradle that uses the plugin.

clodl - Turn dynamically linked ELF binaries and libraries into self-contained closures.

  •    Python

Clodl can be used to build binary closures or library closures. A binary closure is made from an executable or a shared library defining symbol main and can be executed. In practice, the binary closure is a zip file appended to a script that uncompresses the file to a temporary folder and has main invoked.

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