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gridsome - ⚡️Build lightning fast websites and apps with Vue.js

  •    Javascript

This project is under active development. Any feedback or contributions would be appreciated. Build websites with modern tools like Vue.js, webpack and Node.js. Get hot-reloading and access to any packages from npm and write CSS in your favorite preprocessor like Sass or Less with auto-prefixing.

RedwoodJS - Bringing full-stack to the Jamstack

  •    Javascript

Redwood is an opinionated, full-stack, serverless web application framework that will allow you to build and deploy JAMstack applications with ease. Imagine a React frontend, statically delivered by CDN, that talks via GraphQL to your backend running on AWS Lambdas around the world, all deployable with just a git push—that's Redwood. By making a lot of decisions for you, Redwood lets you get to work on what makes your application special, instead of wasting cycles choosing and re-choosing various technologies and configurations. Plus, because Redwood is a proper framework, you benefit from continued performance and feature upgrades over time and with minimum effort.

formspree - Easy HTML form without PHP or JavaScript

  •    Python

Functional HTML forms. Hosted at https://formspree.io. You don't even have to register.

vercel - Develop. Preview. Ship.

  •    TypeScript

Develop. Preview. Ship. Vercel is the optimal workflow for frontend teams. All-in-one: Static and Jamstack deployment, Serverless Functions, and Global CDN.

Jigsaw - Static sites for modern developers

  •    PHP

Jigsaw is a framework for rapidly building static sites using the same modern tooling that powers your web applications. Blade is a powerful, simple, and beautiful templating language, but until now it wasn't an option if you were building a simple static site that didn't need a complex PHP backend. Jigsaw brings Blade to the static site world, so you can use the same templating engine for simple websites as you do for complex web applications.

Eleventy - Simpler static site generator

  •    Javascript

Eleventy was created to be a JavaScript alternative to Jekyll. It’s zero-config by default but has flexible configuration options. Eleventy works with your project’s existing directory structure. Eleventy works with multiple template languages like Markdown, Liquid, Nunjucks, Handlebars, Mustache, EJS, Haml, Pug, and JavaScript. You can pick one or use them all together in a single project.

GoTrue - An SWT based API for managing users and issuing SWT tokens

  •    Go

GoTrue is a small open-source API written in golang, that can act as a self-standing API service for handling user registration and authentication for JAM projects. It is based on OAuth2 and JWT and will handle user signup, authentication and custom user data.

Netlify CMS - A Git-based CMS for Static Site Generators

  •    Javascript

A CMS for static site generators. Give non-technical users a simple way to edit and add content to any site built with a static site generator. Netlify CMS is a single-page app that you pull into the /admin part of your site.

gatsby-starter-netlify-cms - Example gatsby + netlify cms project

  •    Javascript

Note: This starter uses the Gatsby v2 Beta. This repo contains an example business website that is built with Gatsby, and Netlify CMS: Demo Link.


  •    SCSS

Please create an issue in order to submit contributions to be considered for inclusion in this site. Choose the approprite issue type from the New Issue page.

Statamic - Flat-first, Laravel + Git powered CMS designed for building beautiful, easy to manage websites

  •    PHP

Statamic is built as a highly extendable, standalone capable, Laravel package. If you’re already a Laravel developer, you’ll feel right at home extending core features with Models, Service Providers, and Middleware. You can even drop it into existing Laravel applications to add a full CMS in seconds.

Bridgetown - A Webpack-aware, Ruby-powered static site generator for the modern Jamstack era

  •    Ruby

Bridgetown is a Webpack-aware, Ruby-powered static site generator for the modern Jamstack era. Bridgetown takes your content, API data, and frontend assets; renders templates in Markdown, Liquid, ERB, and many other formats; and exports a complete website ready to be served by fast Jamstack services like Vercel or Render or traditional web servers like Caddy or Nginx.

gocommerce - A headless e-commerce for JAMstack sites

  •    Go

A small go based API for static e-commerce sites.It handles orders and payments. Integrates with Stripe for payments and will support international pricing and VAT verification.

Next-js-Blog-Boilerplate - 🚀 Nextjs Blog Boilerplate is starter code for your blog based on Next framework

  •    TypeScript

🚀 Next.js Blog Boilerplate is starter code for your blog based on Next.js 10+ framework with Tailwind CSS 2.0. ⚡️ Made with Next.js, TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS. Clone this project and use it to create your own Next.js blog. You can check a Next js blog templates demo.

eleventy-starter-ghost - A starter template to build websites with Ghost & Eleventy

  •    Nunjucks

You now have a completely static site pulling content from Ghost running as a headless CMS. By default, the starter will populate content from a default Ghost install located at https://eleventy.ghost.io.


  •    Javascript

headlesscms.org, a leaderboard of top open-source static site content management systems.Missing a static site generator here? Just fork the repo and add your generator as a <name>.md in the content/projects folder.

netlify-statuskit - Netlify StatusKit is a template to deploy your own Status pages on Netlify.

  •    HTML

Netlify StatusKit is a template to deploy your own Status pages on Netlify.Netlify StatusKit is released under the MIT License. Please make sure you understand its implications and guarantees.

Bolt - ⚡ is a fast grunt based, data driven, static site seed project, for rapid web development

  •    HTML

Offer a fast, Grunt based, data driven malleable static build system. Use it for any project architecture that makes html/css/js. This project seed is cache heavy, smart loading, and mobile first out of the box. Jade & Stylus are the preprocessor defaults, but swap it for whatever you want, no limits. Want more than 1 preprocessor, it's ready. Add tasks, take care of business.

jamstack-cms - A JAMstack experiment with a Headless CMS

  •    HTML

This is an experiment where I'm trying to build a JAMstack site. Modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup.

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