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iView - A high quality UI Toolkit built on Vue.js 2.0

  •    Vue

A high quality UI Toolkit based on Vue.js. It has dozens of useful and beautiful components. It supports both Vue.js 2 and Vue.js 1.

qiniuClient - 七牛云存储文件管理客户端.跟官网相比,增加了目录显示,托盘上传,URL上传,文件排序

  •    Vue

七牛的空间有私有/公开两种状态.但是并没有提供获取相应状态的api 🤣 .如果你需要操作私有空间,请先在设置页面'私有空间'选项,勾选相对应的空间. 七牛的空间可以设置访问权限让你读取别人的空间.在设置为读写状态下,空间列表api也可以正常获取.但是空间域名并不能获取(再七牛提了工单,开发人员回复的).在空间域名为空的情况下,左上角原空间域名下拉框会变成一个输入框,需要你自行填入.会自动保存,填一次就好.

iview-theme - Theme generator cli tool for iview

  •    Javascript

Theme generator cli tool for iview

Blog-Frontend-Project - Web frontend code for my blogs, develop with Vue.

  •    Vue

Supported SSR Now. The warehouse holds the front end code for the blog project, built using Vue.js.

vue-json-form - vue-json-form

  •    Javascript

A Vue.js component generating form from JSON. This project is mainly for demonstrating how a JSON can be converted to a form view. No submit, reset or relevant form functionalities are implemented. All of this is due to one of my another project, where I would like to do some configurations or settings via form but more suitable form API request parameter/body format.

vue-base - 基于 vue 和 vue-cli 搭建的整套开发底层,敏捷开发

  •    Vue

基于 vue 和 vue-cli 搭建的整套开发底层,敏捷开发

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