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Mantisbt - Bug Tracker

MantisBT is an open source issue tracker that provides a delicate balance between simplicity and power. Users are able to get started in minutes and start managing their projects while collaborating with their teammates and clients effectively.

Community Add-on's for Gemini Issue Tracker

Countersoft Gemini Community Add-on's project providing users with additional integrations with Gemini, an ASP.NET Issue Tracker / Bug Tracker / Project Management platform.

BugNET Issue Tracker

BugNET is a free, open source issue tracking and project issue management solution for the ASP.NET platform.

Issue Impala

Issue Impala is a kickass issue tracker – an awesome set of tools designed to help classify, triage, and document issues that affect products.

Simple Task/Issue/Bug Tracker

Sharply presented issue-tracker tool, very easy to use. Asp.Net 1.1 Web Application using custom ORM solution. Not yet ruined by too many features, but very simple codebase, so very easy to modify. The basic view is list of my tasks, organised by high/medium/low priority. A


SubVersionOne is an issue tracking plugin for the TortoiseSVN SubVersion client that integrates with VersionOne.

ScrumZ - A Scrum Project Management Tool

ScrumZ is a tool targeted at development groups using the SCRUM process of Agile software development. It allows you to track product backlog items, sprints, tasks, defects related to your SCRUM project.


This is a simple Dnn Module for Project/Tasks/time management. I hope you all found it useful.

HelpDesk - Very simple ticket and bugtracking web app for very small companies

A simple helpdesk web application to keep track of bugs and client requests, aimed at very small companies with many projects and different clients. The primary goal is for it to be as usable and intuitive as possible ; features will come next (except if it improves everyday ...

AdvTicket, New Generation HelpDesk, TicketTracker, BugTracking Solution

AdvTicket Asp.Net Mvc based New Generation Helpdesk, Support Desk, Ticket Tracker, Bug Tracking, Issue Tracking Solution.

Issues - Issue Tracker for the commercial versions of ServiceStack

This is the Issue Tracker for commercial customers of ServiceStack only. Please register your email or GitHub username at https://servicestack.net/account/support before reporting any issues. Priority support is not available for non-Windows server platforms. The list of supported ServiceStack packages are on the download page and NuGet.Each issue must be reproducible with either a failing test, sample code, gist, link to a stand-alone project or otherwise clear steps to reproduce the issue. For details please see How to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example.

kendo-angular - Issue tracker - Kendo UI for Angular

Kendo UI for Angular uses GitHub Issues as official bug trackers. This repository is here for that purpose—it does not contain the actual source code of the components.We might not be able to act on issues without a runnable demo.

issuesapp - Package issuesapp is a web frontend for an issues service.

Package issuesapp is a web frontend for an issues service.Note, the canonical issue tracker for this package is currently hosted at https://dmitri.shuralyov.com/issues/github.com/shurcooL/issuesapp. It is implemented using this very package.

dev-tips - Issue tracker for Dev Tips

Go to Issues and add a +1 or something on what you'd like to see more of, or feel free to make new issues with other requests.

trac-hub - :bookmark: Converts trac tickets to github issues.

trac-hub converts trac tickets into github issues. To this end, it accesses trac's underlying database to create tickets and post the change history of each ticket as comments. If this fails with an error, make sure to have a look at the Dependencies section.