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uri-js - An RFC 3986 compliant, scheme extendable URI parsing/validating/normalizing/resolving library for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

URI.js is an RFC 3986 compliant, scheme extendable URI parsing/validating/resolving library for all JavaScript environments (browsers, Node.js, etc). It is also compliant with the IRI (RFC 3987) and IDNA (RFC 5890) specifications. URI.js has an extensive test suite, and works in all (Node.js, web) environments. It weighs in at 5.6kb (gzipped, 15kb deflated).

node-rdf - ECMAScript libraries for handling RDF data (based off of the current RDF APIs and webr3's js3)

  •    Javascript

This package is a set of simple utilities aimed at making it simple to represent RDF data. RDF can be considered a superset of typical link relationships found on the Web: It allows a collection of directional relationships from some subject, with a relationship predicate, to some object.