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oragono - A modern IRC server written in Go.

  •    Go

Oragono is a modern, experimental IRC server written in Go. It's designed to be simple to setup and use, and it includes features such as UTF-8 nicks / channel names, client accounts with SASL, and other assorted IRCv3 support. darwin.network and testnet.oragono.io are running Oragono in production if you want to take a look.

wechatircd - ㊙用IRC客户端控制微信网页版

  •    Python

wechatircd injects JavaScript (injector.js) to wx.qq.com, which uses WebSocket to communicate with an IRC server (wechatircd.py), thus enable IRC clients connected to the server to send and receive messages from WeChat, set topics, invite/delete members, ... wechatircd.py (the server) will listen on (IRC) and (HTTPS + WebSocket over TLS).

telegramircd - Control Telegram user account with IRC

  •    Python

telegramircd is an IRC server that enables IRC clients to send and receive messages from Telegram. telegramircd uses Telethon to communicate with Telegram servers.

anyfesto - Low cost Raspberry Pi / CHIP/PocketCHIP based audio, education and communications local content server

  •    Javascript

Any manifestation of a meeting - in the schools or in the streets - is going to need clear communication. Anyfesto is the toolbox to make that happen. By using low cost hardware and proven Open Source Software the ability to build a robust communication device is now affordable and accessible both for individuals and for community wide needs.

matterircd - Connect to your mattermost or slack using your IRC-client of choice.

  •    Go

Run the irc server on port 6667. You'll need to specify -bind otherwise it only listens on in the container. Now you can connect with your IRC client to port 6667 on your docker host.

catbox - A minimal IRC daemon

  •    Go

catbox is an IRC server with a focus on being small and understandable. The goal is security. catbox implements enough of RFC 1459 to be recognisable as IRC and be minimally functional. I likely won't add much more and don't intend it to be complete. If I don't think something is required it likely won't be here.

etcdircd - An ircd backed by etcd

  •    Go

An encrypted irc daemon backed by etcd. If it all worked, the client will connect and display the welcome banner. See the security guide to encrypt everything.

eris - eris is a modern IRC Server / Daemon written in Go that has a heavy focus on security and privacy

  •    Go

This project and repository is based off of ergonomadic and much of my original contributions were made in my fork of ergonomadic but the upstream project was ultimately shutdown. This repository intends to create a new history and improve upon prior work.