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titanium_mobile - 🚀 Native iOS-, Android- and Windows Apps with JavaScript

  •    Objective-C

Welcome to the Titanium open source project. Titanium provides a mature platform for developers to build completely native cross-platform mobile applications using JavaScript.Currently supported native platforms are iOS, Android and Windows Phone / Windows Desktop.

alloy - Alloy is an MVC framework for the Appcelerator Titanium SDK

  •    Javascript

You can use these apps through Titanium Studio too. The easiest way to do that would be to import the test/project/Harness into Titanium Studio. After that, everytime you run jake, your project in Studio will be updated. Once in Studio, you can run for any platform, Titanium SDK version, or change any settings you want. This will give you a lot more options and power than running solely from the command line.More so than any other Appcelerator project to this point, we are working collaboratively with the community to develop a framework that works for you. Here's the best ways to discuss Alloy or ask questions.

gittio - Search & Install all Titanium Modules and Alloy Widgets on GitHub

  •    Javascript

Command-line package manager for Appcelerator Titanium modules & Alloy widgets, powered by the gitTio search engine that indexes all open source components (modules and widgets) on GitHub.Looks up a component at gitt.io and displays or returns the info.

ioslib - IOS Utilities Library

  •    Javascript

This is a library of utilities for dealing programmatically with iOS applications, used namely for tools like Hyperloop and Titanium.ioslib supports Xcode 6 and newer.

node-ios-device - Queries connected iOS devices and installs apps

  •    C++

Queries connected iOS devices, installs apps, and relays log output.Only Mac OS X (darwin) is supported. You should make this module an optional dependency of your application and it will only be downloaded on OS X.

titanium - The Titanium Command Line (CLI) project

  •    Javascript

Titanium CLI is a Command Line Tool for creating and building Titanium Mobile applications and modules. It's open-source and easy to use. We've designed Titanium to be suitable for command line beginners, but still be powerful and extensible enough for production usage.The Titanium CLI requires Node.js 0.10.x or newer.

ti-i18n - CLI to manage internationalizing your Titanium app

  •    Javascript

Titanium i18n (ti-i18n) is both a pluggable Titanium CLI 3.2+ command and stand-alone CLI for managing your app's internationalization. It replaces the soon to be deprecated alloy extract-i18n and works on both Alloy and Classic projects. ti-i18n will be further developped to be a worthy command, listen to the global flags like --no-colors and read any relevant defaults from the CLI config. Use ti-i18n plugged and ti-i18n unplug to check if ti-i18n is plugged or unplug.

tn - Appcelerator & Titanium CLI wrapper to save you keystrokes.

  •    Javascript

TiNy is a wrapper for the Appcelerator CLI's run and Titanium CLI's build command that allows you to do the same using less keystrokes. It has built-in recipes, but also allows you to compose and save your own recipes. A recipe is simply a flag or option that stands for a group of other arguments, which may in turn include other recipes. There are built-in recipes, but you can also add your own or override built-ins.

titanium-jsduck - NPM Package for initializing JSDuck Documentation for Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Application Projects

  •    Javascript

Documentation of your software projects is a critical phase of the software delivery process. This package allows you to include JSDuck commenting in your .js files of an Alloy Project. Everytime the project is compiled, your documentation will be updated. The project includes two commands currently. The first is to automate the installation of the post:compile hook and source files for the documentation. The second command allows a quick method to preview the documentation within a web browser.

Titanium-Build - Titanium menu to Atom with run, package and more

  •    Javascript

Run on iPhone simulator, Android emulator and Android device from atom, more coming soon. For full Titanium installation with Atom Click Here.