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ionic3-components - A project full of ionic 3 components and samples - to make life easier :)

  •    TypeScript

If you just want to check this project out, you can see the online demo at https://yannbf.github.io/ionic3-components or use Ionic View with the code bd1b6d71. Please notice that some plugins may only work when using a real device, so don't expect everything to work on ionic view or the browser.

ionic2-pokedex - :video_game: Pokédex sample app developed with Ionic 2, Angular 2 and Apache Cordova

  •    TypeScript

Pokédex sample hybrid mobile app developed with Ionic 2, Angular 2 and Apache Cordova. Using Pokéapi v2 as source for data and sprites. Additionally, you can also download Ionic View app from Google Play or Apple Store and enter id 1553841a to execute this app in your mobile phone or tablet.

ionic3-firebase-ngrx - Sample Ionic 3 application using ngrx with firebase (auth, crud and camera plugin)

  •    TypeScript

This is a starter template for Ionic projects. This template does not work on its own. The shared files for each starter are found in the ionic2-app-base repo.

ionic2-fixedscroll-directive - An Ionic2+ directive to create cool and fast fixed components on the top of the screen after scrolldown the page

  •    TypeScript

Ionic2+ Fixed Scroll Directive for any component in mobile platforms (IOS, Android, Windows Phone). Not works with PWA yet. Needs Ionic 3 on the most recent versions.

my-stuff - Google Vision API + Ionic 3 + Firebase

  •    TypeScript

This is a (very) simple app to catalog your stuff by taking a photo and using Google Cloud Vision to label it for you.

game-music-player - All your music are belong to us

  •    TypeScript

A open-source music player that uses the latest 🔥 web technology. A playlist I enjoyed a lot to listen to during work (read more in the credits section) inspired me to start this project. This way it can be extended and improved while experimenting latest techs and learn from it. Would be great if this project can grow to a well implemented PWA built with Ionic that does one thing well and decreases the gap for other developers to start/bootstrap their own.

aiEyes - :robot: :eye: Describes photos using audio for Blind and Visually-Impaired Users

  •    TypeScript

Describes photos using audio for Blind and Visually-Impaired Users. aiEyes is an open source app that helps the Blind and Visually-Impaired Users to see the world with the help of artificial intelligence. Developed with Ionic framework, Azure Computer Vision API and Google Translate API it is able to describe pictures to the user.

rebirth-ionic2 - Rebirth blog for Ionic 3

  •    CSS

This is a Rebirth blog for Ionic 2. You can follow Ionic guide to setup your Ionic environment.

ionic-apollo-simple-app - Explains how to develop Ionic application with Apollo GraphQL client

  •    TypeScript

Explains how to develop Ionic app with Apollo. From this point I explain how to integrate GraphQL into Ionic project step by step.

Ionic-MFP-App - This repository contains instructions to develop a secure, enterprise-grade Ionic/Cordova based hybrid mobile app that connects to CouchDB/Cloudant and ObjectStorage via IBM Mobile Foundation service

  •    TypeScript

When developing your enterprise mobile app that needs centralized hosting of data, use of cloud-native services such as Cloudant No-SQL Database for storing textual data and Object Storage service for storing image/video/audio data, allows you to quickly go from idea-conception to reality. The Mobile Foundation service available from IBM Cloud provides a scalable mobile access gateway for securely accessing those backend services, and it provides other essential mobile backend capabilities such as push notifications, app lifecycle management and app analytics. This code pattern gives you step by step instructions for developing an Ionic/Cordova based hybrid mobile app that securely connects to Cloudant and Object Storage services via IBM MobileFoundation (aka MFP) service.

ionic2-mask-directive - directive to mask ion-input

  •    TypeScript

Ionic2MaskDirective help you add mask on ion-input with just a directive and a very simple configuration. Import the directive into your app module.

CityScape - Cross platform mobile app built with ionic 3 to demonstrate security, social authentication and realtime data in modern mobile apps, using the ionic framework and firebase

  •    TypeScript

Simple app to demonstrate security, social authentication and realtime date in cross platform mobile apps, using the ionic framework and firebase. Clone CityScape into any folder of your choosing, navigate into the directory, and install dependencies.

ionic-lottie - Sample using ng-lottie and ionic 3 to view animations rendered from After Effects

  •    TypeScript

This is a sample project that uses ng-lottie to display animations provided by an after effects animation json in ionic 3. ps: Take note that this sample has too many animations running at once for sampling purposes only. If you would like to run on a device, remove a few of these animations to have them running smoothly.

may-the-4th - Application for Ionic Hackaton using Star wars API (pretty awesome)

  •    TypeScript

So the ionic team came up with this amazing event called Ionic Jedi Hackster, which aimed at engaging their developers to create a Star Wars themed app in under 48 hours using the latest and greatest Ionic and the recently released Ionic CLI v3. Of course I had to contribute, to see if I could become a Jedi Hackster.

ionic-soundboard - Ionic 3 Soundboard app with sounds from a custom URL

  •    TypeScript

This app takes a collection of sounds from a custom URL. That way sounds can be added and removed at will, while still keeping the app code the same. The app makes use of Ionic 3 with TypeScript. Note: Some of the Ionic Native features (such as caching) add quite a bit of complexity to the code. For a more simple version of the app without these native features you can check out the 'simple' branch.

ionic-super-bar - Transparent statusBar and awesome toolBar DEMO in ionic

  •    TypeScript

Transparent statusBar and awesome toolBar DEMO in ionic. Please make sure to read the Contributing Guide before making a pull request.

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