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doorman - Limit access to your Laravel applications by using invite codes

  •    PHP

Doorman provides a way to limit access to your Laravel applications by using invite codes. Make a single generic invite code with 1 redemption, and no expiry.

DNN Marketing Tools


Pack of Marketing Modules for DotNetNuke portal. (Referral marketing, word of mouth, Member-get-member, Viral marketing, Permission Marketing)


  •    CSS

AZ Web Developers is a Slack-based community for local web developers in Arizona (primarily the Metro Phoenix area).

slack-invite-request - Handle Slack invite requests like a SIR

  •    HTML

Fully-customizable webapp for generating invite requests to your private Slack team. Authenticates applicants via Google Sign-In and then displays form details submitted by the applicant by posting to a group/channel/user of your choice on Slack. SIR makes use of Handlebars templates and Bootstrap UI, so it's mobile-friendly out of the box and highly-customizable. Most static strings can be easily configured from a YAML config file, making quick edits a breeze even if you have no web development experience.

token-master - Minimal and Simple user management for Ruby and Rails applications.

  •    Ruby

Simple token logic for providing (temporary) restricted access. No routing, views, controllers, or mailers, just logic that you can use wherever and whenever you want. Tokens can be used for any action that needs the access, such as inviting, confirming, or resetting passwords. These actions can be considered tokenable actions.

node-invite - Invitation system backend by redis and build for speed.

  •    Javascript

Invitation system build for speed. Invite crypt and return a uniq key for each invitation.