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rttr - C++ Reflection Library

  •    C++

RTTR is released under the terms of the MIT license, so it is free to use in your free or commercial projects. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

Reflection - Advanced Swift reflection including dynamic construction of types.

  •    Swift

Reflection provides an API for advanced reflection at runtime including dynamic construction of types.If you need any help you can join our Slack and go to the #help channel. Or you can create a Github issue in our main repository. When stating your issue be sure to add enough details, specify what module is causing the problem and reproduction steps.

ponder - C++ reflection library

  •    C++

V1 replaced Boost with C++11. V2 added Lua bindings. V3 refactored to remove some warts, ease future development, and re-add serialisation. API is evolving. Ponder is a C++ multi-purpose reflection library. It provides an abstraction for most of the high-level concepts of C++: classes, enumerations, functions, properties.

drakvuf - DRAKVUF Black-box Binary Analysis

  •    C

DRAKVUF is a virtualization based agentless black-box binary analysis system. DRAKVUF allows for in-depth execution tracing of arbitrary binaries (including operating systems), all without having to install any special software within the virtual machine used for analysis. DRAKVUF uses hardware virtualization extensions found in Intel CPUs. You will need an Intel CPU with virtualization support (VT-x) and with Extended Page Tables (EPT). DRAKVUF is not going to work on any other CPUs (such as AMD) or on Intel CPUs without the required virtualization extensions.

rotoscope - High-performance logger of Ruby method invocations

  •    C

Rotoscope is a high-performance logger of Ruby method invocations.Rotoscope is subject to breaking changes in minor versions until 1.0 is available.

code - Displays a Ruby method's source code

  •    Ruby

Shows a method's code with syntax highlighting. Tries to find a Ruby definition of the method first, then falls back to the C version (if the core_docs gem is available). Copyright (C) 2015 Jan Lelis http://janlelis.com. Released under the MIT license.

node-introspect - A fast and powerful Function introspection

  •    Javascript

A fast and powerful Function introspection. This is such a kind of experiment, any thought on this is welcomed.Benchmark results are pretty good.

introspected - Introspection for serializable arrays and JSON friendly objects.

  •    HTML

If you'd like to be notified about any possible change that could happen to a JSON compatible model / data / object / array / structure, including the possibility to retrieve the exact full path of the object that changed and eventually walk through it, you've reached your destination. Any spec compliant ES2015 JavaScript engine.

methodfinder - A Smalltalk like Method Finder for Ruby

  •    Ruby

This project was originally inspired by Smalltalk's Method Finder, but additonal features were added over time. Ruby 1.9.3+ (also works with Rubinius in 1.9 mode). Versions of MethodFinder up to 1.2.5 will also work with Ruby 1.8.7.


  •    Javascript

There are times when it's necessary to monkeypatch default behavior in JavaScript and Node. However, changing the behavior of the runtime on the fly is rarely a good idea, and you should be using this module because you need to, not because it seems like fun. Wrap an EventEmitter's event listeners. Each listener will be passed to mark when it is registered with .addListener() or .on(), and then each listener is passed to prepare to be wrapped before it's called by the .emit() call. wrapListener deals with the single listener vs array of listeners logic, and also ensures that edge cases like .removeListener() being called from within an .emit() for the same event type is handled properly.

whereami - Locate the current executable and the current module/library on the file system

  •    C

A drop-in two files library to locate the current executable and the current module on the file system. There is a Visual Studio 2015 solution in the _win-vs14/ folder.

cmake-reflection-template - A template for simple C++ reflection done with CMake and Python (no other external tools)

  •    Python

Requires C++17 (because of its use of std::any<> from <any>). For information about this repository checkout this blog post.

webpack-plugin-graphql-schema-hot - 🔥 Webpack plugin which tracks changes in your schema and generates its introspection in `json` and `txt` formats

  •    Javascript

This is Webpack plugin which tracks changes in your GraphQL Schema files and re/generates schema introspection in json and txt formats. Just provide absolute path to your schema js and paths for output files in plugin options. And for every webpack rebuild plugin will check if changed files somehow related to schema and if so, will emmit new json and txt files. After that this files may be provided to eslint, babel or any other tool. Links to recommended tools can be found below.

servpeek - Introspective peek into your server guts

  •    Go

Currently the most widely used tools for testing your infrastructure are serverspec and infrataster. However these tools being written in ruby carry a decent amount of runtime an gem dependencies. Writing a simple tool in Go programming language would help to address runtime dependency "issue" and would further simplify the ditribution and speed of deployment of infrastructure.

graphql-disable-introspection - Disable Introspection in GraphQL-JS with a simple validation rule

  •    Javascript

It exports a single validation rule which you can pass to your node GraphQL server with the validationRules argument.

prop-types-definition - Patch for prop-types to get property type definition in runtime

  •    Javascript

Patch for prop-types to get property type definition in runtime. When using React components, prop-types is commonly used to define properties type checking. Unfortunally, prop-type doesn't provide definition details that can be useful for documentation generation or component's playground. This library adds ability to get property type definition in runtime by calling a getTypeDefinition() method.

visit_struct - A miniature library for struct-field reflection in C++

  •    C++

A header-only library providing structure visitors for C++11 and C++14. In C++ there is no built-in way to iterate over the members of a struct type.

typing_inspect - Runtime inspection utilities for Python typing module

  •    Python

Note: The API is still experimental, if you have ideas/suggestions please open an issue on tracker. Currently typing_inspect only supports latest version of typing. This limitation may be lifted if such requests will appear frequently.

hvpp - hvpp is a lightweight Intel x64/VT-x hypervisor written in C++ focused primarily on virtualization of already running operating system

  •    C++

hvpp is a lightweight Intel x64/VT-x hypervisor written in C++ focused primarily on virtualization of already running operating system. Although several open-source research hypervisors aimed at simplicity already exist, in my opinion this field is still somewhat unexplored and needs more open-source projects. This can especially help those who have just started exploring virtualization technologies and are looking for small/reference projects. If you're one of them, my bets are that you're really disappointed right now, because all you've got are barely dozen of (great!) projects and huge pile of Intel Manual pages.

Model2App - Turn your Swift data model into a working CRUD app.

  •    Swift

Model2App uses Realm ❤️ under the hood and can be treated as its extension in development activities, especially in the phase of defining or validating a data model for a bigger project.

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