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getting-a-gig - Guide for getting a gig as a tech major.


Hey friends! This is a guide for getting a gig in college as a tech major. I graduated May 2014 with 10 job offers after having 5 internships throughout my four years of college. You can do that, too. Because you're great. Your resume is your personal summary sheet. Your resume is the thing that gets your foot in the door. So, there's a few things you should do (and not do) to make it as awesome as you are.

CommonDevKnowledge - :octocat::fire: :star2::star::star::star: :star: 史上最全的BAT大厂Android面试题汇集,以及常用的Android开发的一些技能点,冷门知识点汇总,开发中遇到的坑汇总等干货。

  •    Java

:octocat::fire: :star2::star::star::star: :star: 史上最全的BAT大厂Android面试题汇集,以及常用的Android开发的一些技能点,冷门知识点汇总,开发中遇到的坑汇总等干货。

react-coding-challenges - A series of ReactJS coding challenges with a variety of difficulties.

  •    SCSS

A series of ReactJS coding challenges with a variety of difficulties. Deep dive into the why here. Interested in NodeJS? Check out our Node Coding Challenges (coming soon).

ctci_v6 - :books: Cracking the Coding Interview 6th edition problems

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:books: Cracking the Coding Interview 6th edition problems

coding-interviews - 🎓 :octocat: Preparation resources for software and web technical interviews

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This is a list of concepts it is important to learn in order to coding interviews at big companies and for jobs with really technical teams. Not all companies interview this way but many do or at least include CS fundamental and puzzle questions as part of their processes. Preparing for these types of interviews can be challenging and tedious. I created this repo as a collection of resources to help better understand where these questions come from. There are tons of resources out there so if you are looking to crack the coding interview, well, definitely read cracking the coding interview (links below) and review some of the sites and concepts below. I also recommend interviewing.io for doing live practice interviews to get you prepared.

user-research - 🎤 Entretiens utilisateurs pour la compréhension des usages 🤓 réduction des frictions entre utilisateurs et données


🎤 Entretiens avec des utilisateurs et utilisatrices de data.gouv.fr et de l'Open Data pour aboutir à une meilleure compréhension des usages et pour réduire les efforts de réutilisation des données. Cet atelier a réuni une trentaine de personnes lors de l'événement Restitution intermédiaire publique Opendata Locale #2 avec un public de collectivités, associations, institutions, éditeurs et entreprises.

so-you-want-an-internship - for those seeking software engineering internships


Here are some of my favorite resources for finding companies to work for. Short answer: YES. Long answer: YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS.

Interviews - 🤓 Data structures in JS & interview questions/algorithms

  •    Javascript

🤓 Data structures in JS & interview questions/algorithms

digital-paper-edit-client - Work in progress - BBC News Labs digital paper edit project - React Client

  •    Javascript

An application to make it faster, easier and more accessible to edit audio and video interviews using automatically generated transcriptions form STT service. See intro and slides for more info on the project and user journey for a high level overview of the user journey.

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