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Agenda - Lightweight job scheduling for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Agenda is a light-weight job scheduling library for Node.js. It aims to keep its code base small. It is backed by Mongo backed persistence layer. It supports scheduling with configurable priority, concurrency, repeating and persistence of job results, Scheduling via cron or human readable syntax, Event backed job queue that you can hook into.

Time - Type-safe time calculations in Kotlin, powered by generics.

  •    Kotlin

to represent a duration of 10 seconds(in milliseconds) because most methods in Kotlin/Java take duration parameters in milliseconds.

Time4J - Advanced date, time and interval library for Java

  •    Java

Time4J is thought as a complete and high-end replacement for old java classes around java.util.Date, java.util.Calendar and java.text.SimpleDateFormat. This project is also intended as first-class alternative to the popular libraries JodaTime and its successor JSR-310 (Threeten) since the target audience of Time4J will not only be business Java developers, but also developers with a more scientific background (for example extended time scale support including leap seconds or historically accurate dates).

confidence - Confidence.js: Make sense of your A/B test results

  •    Javascript

Confidence.js is a light-weight JavaScript library to help you make sense of your A/B Test results. Given an A/B test (or "Split Test") result set, Confidence.js will tell you if a statistical "winner" can be determined. Include confidence.js in your HTML.

pg_timetable - Advanced scheduling for PostgreSQL

  •    Go

pg_timetable is an advanced job scheduler for PostgreSQL, offering many advantages over traditional schedulers such as cron and others. It is completely database driven and provides a couple of advanced concepts.

Human Interval - Human readable time distances for javascript

  •    Javascript

Human readable interval parser for Javascript. Human Interval supports numbers up to ten being written out in English. If you want to extend it, you can do so by adding more keys to the language map. Alternatively you could add support for alternative languages.


  •    JQuery

Allows you to use the jQuery.Deferred mechanism in combination with setTimeout and setInterval.

fastrange - A fast alternative to the modulo reduction

  •    C

A common operation in software is to take a machine word and map it to an integer value in a range [0,p) as fairly as possible. That is, you want that if all values of the machine word are equally likely then, as much as possible, all integer values in [0,p) are (almost) equally likely. This is common in hashing and probabilistic algorithms.The standard approach to this problem is the modulo reduction (x % p). Though a modulo reduction works fine and has several nice properties, it can be slow even on recent processors because it relies on an integer division.

d3-time - A calculator for humanity’s peculiar conventions of time.

  •    Javascript

A calculator for humanity’s peculiar conventions of time.

bounding-box-overlap-test - test if two n-dimensional bounding boxes overlap

  •    Javascript

Return whether the bounding box a intersects the bounding box b.Bounding boxes are arrays of 2-element [min,max] array pairs, one for each coordinate.

eventedloop - :curly_loop: Evented loops for timed events & games.

  •    Javascript

An event-based loop class which can take arbitrary numbers of intervals/callback pairs. Based on Node.js EventEmitter. Created with game loops in mind.You can do as many as you like, but I highly recommend you take it easy an don't overdo it. In newer versions of Chrome, 50 intervals seems to have no detrimental effects, but of course it depends on what is happening in the callback. An example of a situation with 50 intervals is available in this demo.

p-debounce - Debounce promise-returning & async functions

  •    Javascript

Returns a function that delays calling fn until after wait milliseconds have elapsed since the last time it was called.Promise-returning/async function.

interval-tree2 - interval tree in CoffeeScript, available in any JS runtime

  •    CoffeeScript

more maintenanceability with CoffeeScript OOP. when using in web, use dist/interval-tree.js in this module.

wait - Simple utility functions to simplify setTimeout and setInterval

  •    Javascript

This is pure syntactic sugar, so if you're obsessed with performance über alles, move along. The wait function is simple setTimeout with the arguments reversed, thus saving die-hard CoffeeScripters from the hell that is parentheses.

instruments - Collecting metrics over discrete time intervals

  •    Go

Instruments allows you to collects metrics over discrete time intervals. Collected metrics will only reflect observations from last time window only, rather than including observations from prior windows, contrary to EWMA based metrics.

wait - Syntactic sugar for setTimeout and setInterval.

  •    Javascript

Syntactic sugar for setTimeout and setInterval. Sugar for setTimeout.

bxh - Bounding Interval Hierarchy and Bounding Volume Hierarchy for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Bounding Interval Hierarchies (BIH) and Bounding Volume Hierarchies (BVH) are data structures that hierarchically divide a region of space in order to reduce the number of elements that must be considered when performing spatial queries. Space partitioning structures such as these help to dramatically speed up the processes of finding all the elements within a region or finding the intersection between a ray and a set of elements.

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