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trifleJS - Headless automation for Internet Explorer

  •    Javascript

A headless Internet Explorer browser using the .NET WebBrowser Class with a Javascript API running on the V8 JavaScript Engine. The API is coded as a port of PhantomJS. Basically, if you have used phantom before then you already know how to use TrifleJS.

Windows-Secure-Host-Baseline - Configuration guidance for implementing the Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 DoD Secure Host Baseline settings

  •    HTML

The Windows Secure Host Baseline (SHB) provides an automated and flexible approach for assisting the DoD in deploying the latest releases of Windows 10 using a framework that can be consumed by organizations of all sizes. Formal product evaluations also support the move to Windows 10. The National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) oversees evaluations of commercial IT products for use in National Security Systems.

rtc-everywhere - Cross-everything WebRTC mega-project

  •    Javascript

Sick of the incompatible mess of vendor prefixes, adapters, plugins, extensions, and native modules? rtc-everywhere aims to provide a spec-compliant WebRTC implementation in as many environments as possible. Similar to the specification, but slightly adjusted to have an easier API.

Feed Discovery


Want to subscribe to a web page and can't find the newsfeed? Just rightclick on the page and discover! Subscribe directly in IE, Google Reader or any other.



Wax allows users to create automated WatiN tests using Microsoft Excel

Pwdhash Sharp

  •    DotNet

A variety of frontends for the PwdHash web-application. Using a domain name and "master password", PwdHash Sharp automatically create a hashed password that is strong, and cannot be used to reverse-engineer the master password.

IE History Viewer

  •    DotNet

This Windows application can display Internet Explorer browser history. Features: - Create preview of a web page; - Save history to XML file; - Go to link from application; - Filter history by domain name.

Advanced Proxy Manager

  •    DotNet

A tool to allow the quick change between many different proxy settings. Allows storage and easy retrieval of several different proxy setting configurations for Internet Explorer.

Adblock IE


AdblockIE is an ad blocker for Internet Explorer, inspired by Firefox's Adblock and Noscript (as well as Safari's PithHelmet and IE7Pro).

Internet Explorer Plugin: TabSaver


Basically this plugin is able to save open Tabs from an Internet Explorer session. The goal would be to save tab information, such as history, etc.. Currently the plugin is only capable of saving the Tab URLs. This Plugin uses SpicIE framework and is developed in C#.

WebBrowserEx - Extended WebBrowser Control


This web browser control extends Microsoft's implementations to build a highly customizable web browse capable of building really smart Windows client applications that can interact with web applications.

Silver Sugar Web Browser


This is a simple web browser named "Silver Sugar". It has a back button, forward button, home button, url text box and a go button.

Delicious Transform


The purpose of this code is to transform the Netscape Bookmark Format file exported from Delicious.com into a folder hierarchy of Internet Explorer Favorite files (.url). Tags from Delicious are converted to Folders in Windows.

Manage IE Standard Context Menu


Win Form Application for Manage (Add, Update and Remove) the IE Context menu

node-netscape-bookmarks - Create a netscape format bookmarks file (works with Chrome)

  •    Javascript

You can import this HTML into your favorite browser and it should work. Consider looking into the node urlfile module I've written for further bookmark processing. A website can either be a string containing the URL only, or an object with the url attribute present. If the contents attribute is found, it is assumed to be a folder containing more folders or websites.

outdated-browser-rework - Detects outdated browsers and advises users to upgrade to a new version

  •    Javascript

And more (see below for the full list). One of the challenges with making this type of module is that the JS and CSS can't use any current tech - the 'get a new browser' message must display on older browsers - so yes, this is hard. This module is tested all the way back to IE6.

browserify-deoptimizer - Transforms browserify bundles into a collection of single files

  •    CoffeeScript

Sometimes you work in browsers without //@ sourceURL or source maps. But you like using Browserify, since it's truly amazing. How will you ever debug things? With all your modules squished into one file, it's a disaster. Enter the Browserify Deoptimizer, which will handily “de-optimize” your Browserify bundles by turning them into individual files, including files for each module you author.


  •    Javascript

A collection of cross-browser utilities to go along with JSZip, see http://stuk.github.io/jszip-utils for all the documentation. JSZipUtils is dual-licensed. You may use it under the MIT license or the GPLv3 license. See LICENSE.markdown.

fixie - PostCSS plugin to simplify IE CSS hacks

  •    Javascript

A simple PostCSS plugin to enable a set of easy-to-remember transforms for IE CSS Hacks. Goes especially well with postcss-nested.

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