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dockertest - Write better integration tests! Dockertest helps you boot up ephermal docker images for your Go tests with minimal work

  •    Go

When developing applications, it is often necessary to use services that talk to a database system. Unit Testing these services can be cumbersome because mocking database/DBAL is strenuous. Making slight changes to the schema implies rewriting at least some, if not all of the mocks. The same goes for API changes in the DBAL. To avoid this, it is smarter to test these specific services against a real database that is destroyed after testing. Docker is the perfect system for running unit tests as you can spin up containers in a few seconds and kill them when the test completes. The Dockertest library provides easy to use commands for spinning up Docker containers and using them for your tests.Using Dockertest is straightforward and simple. Check the releases tab for available releases.

docker-it-scala - Docker integration testing kit with Scala

  •    Scala

Set of utility classes to make integration testing with dockerised services in Scala easy.You can read about reasoning behind it at Finely Distributed.

coyote - Environment, operations and runtime-meta testing tool.

  •    Go

Coyote is a test agent. It uses a yml configuration file with commands to setup (stdin, env vars, etc) and run. It checks the output for errors and may further search for the presence or absence of specific regular expressions. Finally it creates a html report with the tests, their outputs and some statistics. The only requirement is the Go Programming Language, at least version 1.10+.

conex - Conex integrates Docker with testing package so you can easily run your integration tests with containers

  •    Go

Conex integrates Go testing with Docker so you can easily run your integration tests and benchmarks. Yes, we did hear you like integrations.

testcontainers-rs - A library for integration-testing against docker containers from within Rust.

  •    Rust

Testcontainers-rs is the official Rust language fork of http://testcontainers.org. TL:DR: Depend on testcontainers, this will give you everything you need.