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client_java - Prometheus instrumentation library for JVM applications

  •    Java

The Prometheus Java Suite: Client Metrics, Exposition, and Examples

client_python - Prometheus instrumentation library for Python applications

  •    Python

The official Python 2 and 3 client for Prometheus.Three: Visit http://localhost:8000/ to view the metrics.

prometheus-httpd - Expose Prometheus metrics using inets httpd.

  •    Erlang

Copyright (c) 2017 Ilya Khaprov <i.khaprov@gmail.com>. Provides httpd middleware "mod-module" (prometheus_httpd) for exposing Prometheus.io metrics in various formats.

prometheus-phoenix - Prometheus.io Phoenix instrumenter

  •    Elixir

Phoenix integeration for Prometheus.ex. This integartion is configured via :prometheus app env key. Please see Prometheus.PhoenixInstrumenter module documentation for more information.

prometheus-plugs - Prometheus.erl Elixir Plugs

  •    Elixir

Both modules implement plug interface and Prometheus.PlugInstrumenter generates proxy for specified plug so you'll need to replace instrumented plug with your instrumenter in pipeline. Instrumenters configured via :prometheus app environment. Please consult respective modules documentation on what options are available.

prometheus.cl - Prometheus.io Common Lisp client

  •    Common

You can get this dashboard here. Currently example uses Linux and SBCL specific collectors.

prometheus.erl - Prometheus.io client in Erlang

  •    Erlang

Copyright (c) 2016,2017 Ilya Khaprov <i.khaprov@gmail.com>. Prometheus.io monitoring system and time series database client in Erlang.

prometheus.ex - Prometheus.io Elixir client

  •    Elixir

Elixir Prometheus.io client based on Prometheus.erl. Starting from v3.0.0 works with Elixir >=1.6 and Erlang >=20. For older verions, please use older tags.

prometheus_rabbitmq_exporter - Prometheus.io exporter as a RabbitMQ Managment Plugin plugin

  •    Erlang

Implemented as RabbitMQ Management Plugin plugin. Also exports Erlang VM and process metrics (~ 100 metrics in total). While RabbitMQ transitions from webmachine to cowboy we maintain two branches one for 3.6.x and one for 3.7.x. Plugin version should be read as follows: 3.7.1.x - where 3.7.1 is required RabbitMQ version and x is just incremental version of the plugin.

go-http-metrics - Go net/http configurable handler to measure HTTP requests independent of metrics backend (with Prometheus and OpenCensus as backend implementations)

  •    Go

go-http-metrics knows how to measure http metrics in different metric formats, it comes with a middleware that will measure metrics of a Go net/http handler. The metrics measured are based on RED and/or Four golden signals, follow standards and try to be measured in a efficient way. If you are using a framework that isn't directly compatible with go's http.Handler interface from the std library, do not worry, there are multiple helpers available to get middlewares fo the most used http Go frameworks. If there isn't you can open an issue or a PR.

prometheus-cowboy - Expose Prometheus metrics using cowboy/cowboy2

  •    Erlang

Copyright (c) 2017 Ilya Khaprov <i.khaprov@gmail.com>. The pre-commit check can be skipped by passing --no-verify to git commit.

asprom - Aerospike prometheus exporter

  •    Go

This follows the logic from asgraphite. Run a asprom collector against every node in the aerospike cluster. The releases page has binaries.