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raspberry-pi-turnkey - How to make a Raspberry Pi image that can be deployed anywhere and assigned to a WiFi network without SSH :ok_hand:

  •    Python

You can follow the instructions below to create a turnkey image, or you can just download my latest one at raspberry-pi-turnkey.schollz.com/2018-03-02-turnkey.zip (v1.2.0, 829MB) and follow the typical flashing instructions. Once you boot the Pi with this image, you will see a WiFi AP named "ConnectToConnect" (password same). Connect to it and navigate to where you'll see a login form.

evm-opcodes - Ethereum opcodes and instruction reference


This reference consolidates EVM opcode information from the yellow paper, stack exchange, solidity source, parity source, evm-opcode-gas-costs and Manticore. New issues and contributions are welcome, and are covered by bounties from Trail of Bits. Join us in #ethereum on the Empire Hacking Slack to discuss Ethereum security tool development.

nativescript-coachmarks - Display user coach marks with shape cutouts over an existing UI for NativeScript

  •    TypeScript

NativeScript plugin to display user coach marks utilizing shape cutouts over an existing UI. This approach leverages your actual UI as part of the onboarding process for your user. Based on MPCoachMarks.

Opcodes - Database of CPU Opcodes

  •    Python

This project is a spin-off from PeachPy assembler. This work is a research project at the HPC Garage lab in the Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing, School of Computational Science and Engineering.

HowToPGP - PGP made easy

  •    HTML

A Jugend hackt project. We want to explain PGP-encryption simple and understandable for everyone. PGP is a very secure way to encrypt your e-mails, but is it not that easy to install and to use. Only by teaching a wide range of people how to use encryption, we are able to stop mass surveillance.

react-native-onboarding-swiper - 🛳 Delightful Onboarding for your React-Native App

  •    Javascript

There are many ways to onboard people to your mobile app. But for React-Native, there is solely one component that is a) easy to setup and b) highly customizable: react-native-onboarding-swiper. Your new users shouldn't jump in at the deep end. First give them a pleasurable, delightful introduction and only then let them explore your awesome app.

SwiftyGuideOverlay - Show overlay and info on app components

  •    Swift

Please use this repo SwiftyOverlay . Easy to use, Animated and customizable setup.

Parsable-Instructions - A parsable list of x86 instructions.


The project is dead ! No longer supported. Consider using opcodesDB.

SwiftyOverlay - Show overlay and info on app components

  •    Swift

App Intro / Instruction component to show data over app UI at run time! Easy to use, Animated and Customizable.